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quantizing images19.1.3 Adjusting the Colors of an Image
Quarter Century of UNIX, A2.1.1 What's Unix?
quoting characters4.1.1 Passing Special Characters to Commands

random number, outputting a29.2 Outputting a Random Number
rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP)10.3 Streaming Text
RCS9.7 Tracking Revisions to a File
read permission7.3 Controlling Access to Files
readability, checking text for12.3.3 Checking Text for Readability
reading a mail attachment31.4.1 Reading a Mail Attachment
reading a page from the system manual3.8.4 Reading a Page from the System Manual
reading mail, options available while31.2.2 Options Available while Reading Mail
reading system documentation and help files3.8.6 Reading System Documentation and Help Files
reading text from the Web32.3 Reading Text from the Web
reading the headers of a web page32.5.4 Reading the Headers of a Web Page
reading Usenet33.3 Reading Usenet
receiving a fax30.2.2 Receiving a Fax
receiving faxes automatically30.2.3 Receiving Faxes Automatically
receiving mail31.2 Receiving Mail
recipes, definition ofPreface
recipes, format of1.0 Format of Recipes
recording a shell session4.5 Recording a Shell Session
recording a sound file22.4 Recording a Sound File
recording and running macros in Emacs11.2.4 Recording and Running Macros in Emacs
recording source, selecting an audio22.2.4 Selecting an Audio Recording Source
Red Hat2.1.5 What's Debian?
Red Hat LinuxB. Linux Resources on the Web
redirecting error messages to a file4.2.3 Redirecting Error Messages to a File
redirecting input and output4.2 Redirecting Input and Output
redirecting input to a file4.2.1 Redirecting Input to a File
redirecting output to a file4.2.2 Redirecting Output to a File
redirecting output to another command's input4.2.4 Redirecting Output to Another Command's Input
reference files12.4 Word Lists and Reference Files
reference, tools for12. Grammar and Reference
regexp, matching lines that don't contain a15.2.6 Matching Lines That Don't Contain a Regexp
regexps15.2 Regular Expressions--Matching Text Patterns
regexps for common situations15.2.11 Regexps for Common Situations
regexps, matching lines that contain all of some15.2.5 Matching Lines That Contain All of Some Regexps
regexps, matching lines that contain any of some15.2.4 Matching Lines That Contain Any of Some Regexps
regexps, searching for in Emacs15.6.3 Searching for a Regexp in Emacs
regexps, using a list to match from15.2.10 Using a List of Regexps to Match From
register labels, LaTeX templates for16.4.5 TeX and LaTeX Document Templates
regular expressions--matching text patterns15.2 Regular Expressions--Matching Text Patterns
relevant text, finding13.3 Text Relevance
reminders28. Reminders
reminders, including holidays in your28.4.2 Including Holidays in Your Reminders
reminding yourself of things28.6 Reminding Yourself of Things
reminding yourself when you have to leave28.6.2 Reminding Yourself When You Have to Leave
removable storage25. Disk Storage
removing a file with a strange name6.6.1 Removing a File with a Strange Name
removing files and directories6.6 Removing Files and Directories
removing files, a safe way to6.6.2 A Safe Way to Remove a File
removing PhotoCD haze20.3.2 Removing PhotoCD Haze
renaming multiple files with the same extension6.5.2 Renaming Multiple Files with the Same Extension
repeated words, checking text for12.3.2 Checking Text for Doubled Words
repeating the last command you typed4.1.3 Repeating the Last Command You Typed
replacing text15.5 Searching and Replacing Text
resizing a PostScript document21.2.1 Resizing a PostScript Document
resizing a window5.3.2 Resizing a Window
resizing the xterm font17.1.4 Resizing the Xterm Font
reverb, adding to a sound file24.2.3 Adding Reverb to a Sound File
reverse incremental search4.1.3 Repeating the Last Command You Typed
reversing a sound file24.2.9 Reversing a Sound File
reversing text14.6 Reversing Text
Revision Control System (RCS)9.7 Tracking Revisions to a File
revision log, viewing a file's9.7.3 Viewing a File's Revision Log
revisions, tracking to a file9.7 Tracking Revisions to a File
Rexx11.1 Choosing the Perfect Text Editor
rhyme, listing words that12.2.1 Listing Words that Match a Pattern
ripping sound from a CD23.2 Sampling Sound from a CD
Ritchie, Dennis2.1.1 What's Unix?
rolodexes28.5 Contact Managers
root3.2 Accounts and Privileges
root accountA. Administrative Issues
root directory6. Files and Directories
root window5.1 Running X
root window parameters, changing the5.6.3 Changing the Root Window Parameters
root window, putting an image in the18.2.2 Putting an Image in the Root Window
rotating an image19.1.2 Rotating an Image
RSVP10.3 Streaming Text
running a command3.4 Running a Command
running a command on a delay28.6.3 Running a Command on a Delay
running a list of commands4.1.4 Running a List of Commands
running a shell in X5.5 Running a Shell in X
running a Vi tutorial11.3 Running a Vi Tutorial
running commands on the files you find8.2.5 Running Commands on the Files You Find
running X5.1 Running X
running x clients automatically5.6.2 Running X Clients Automatically
Rutten, Rob16.4.5 TeX and LaTeX Document Templates

SALB. Linux Resources on the Web
Salus, Peter2.1.1 What's Unix?
sampling rate of a sound file, changing the24.2.2 Changing the Sampling Rate of a Sound File
sampling sound from a CD23.2 Sampling Sound from a CD
Samudrala, RamC.2 Applying Copyleft to Your Work
SANE20.2 Scanning Images
saving a URL to a file32.5.1 Saving a URL to a File
scaling image size19.1.1 Changing the Size of an Image
scanner devices, listing20.2.1 Listing Available Scanner Devices
scanner, testing20.2.2 Testing a Scanner
scanning an image20.2.3 Scanning an Image
scanning images20.2 Scanning Images
scope of the Cookbook1.1 Assumptions, Scope, and Exclusions
screen shot, taking in a console20.1.2 Taking a Screen Shot in a Console
screen shots, in X20.1.1 Taking a Screen Shot in X
screen shots, taking20.1 Taking Screen Shots
scrolling the console text3.3.2 Scrolling the Console Text
searching and replacing in Emacs15.6.4 Searching and Replacing in Emacs
searching and replacing text15.5 Searching and Replacing Text
searching for a phrase in Emacs15.6.2 Searching for a Phrase in Emacs
searching for a regexp in Emacs15.6.3 Searching for a Regexp in Emacs
searching for a word or phrase15.1 Searching for a Word or Phrase
searching incrementally in Emacs15.6.1 Searching Incrementally in Emacs
searching more than plain text files15.3 Searching More than Plain Text Files
searching text15. Searching Text
searching text in Emacs15.6 Searching Text in Emacs
searching text in less15.7 Searching Text in Less
searching, outputting context while15.4 Outputting the Context of a Search
seascape orientation, PostScript pages in21.1.3 Combining PostScript Pages
seeing who your mail is from31.3.4 Seeing Who Your Mail Is From
selecting an audio recording source22.2.4 Selecting an Audio Recording Source
selecting an X font name17.1.1 Selecting an X Font Name
selecting text11.4 Selecting Text
selecting the pages of text to output16.2.7 Selecting the Pages of Text to Output
sending a fax30.2.1 Sending a Fax
sending a mail attachment31.4.2 Sending a Mail Attachment
sending a message to another user's terminal33.5 Sending a Message to Another User's Terminal
sending a print job to the printer26.1.1 Sending a Print Job to the Printer
sending mail31.1 Sending Mail
sending mail to a user on the same system31.1.1 Mailing a User on the Same System
sending yourself email reminders28.6.1 Sending Yourself Email Reminders
sentences, checking text for difficult12.3.4 Checking Text for Difficult Sentences
sentences, checking text for long12.3.5 Checking Text for Long Sentences
session, recording a4.5 Recording a Shell Session
setting notification for new mail31.3.2 Setting Notification for New Mail
setting the console font17.2.1 Setting the Console Font
setting up PPP30.1.1 Setting Up PPP
SGML document, elements of an16.5.1 Elements of an SGML Document
SGML, checking document syntax16.5.2 Checking SGML Document Syntax
SGML, generating output from16.5.3 Generating Output from SGML
SGMLtools16.1 Choosing the Right Typesetting System for the Job
SGMLtools, writing documents with16.5 Writing Documents with SGMLtools
shell prompt4. The Shell
shell prompt4.1 Keys for Command Line Editing
shell prompt, changing4.6.1 Changing the Shell Prompt
shell redirection4.2 Redirecting Input and Output
shell script, installing aA.3.4 Installing a Shell Script
shell scripts4.6.4 Customizing Future Shells
shell session, recording4.5 Recording a Shell Session
shell, customizing4.6 Customizing Your Shell
shell, running in X5.5 Running a Shell in X
shells4. The Shell
showing non-printing characters10.2.1 Showing Non-printing Characters
shuffling audio CD tracks23.1.4 Shuffling Audio CD Tracks
shutdown, cancelling aA.2.3 Cancelling a Shutdown
shutting down at a certain timeA.2.2 Shutting Down at a Certain Time
shutting down immediatelyA.2.1 Shutting Down Immediately
shutting down the systemA.2 Shutting Down the System
signature file31.5 Making an Email Signature
signatures, PostScript21.1.4 Arranging PostScript Pages in Signatures
signs, outputting from text16.2.2 Outputting Text as a Poster or Sign
single-spacing text14.1.2 Single-Spacing Text
Slackware LinuxB. Linux Resources on the Web
SlashdotB. Linux Resources on the Web
sleeping process3.7.1 Listing Your Current Processes
Snd24.1 Working with Selections from Sound Files
soft links6.7 Giving a File More than One Name
software, installingA.3 Installing Software
software, listing those that match a keyword.3.8.1 Finding the Right Tool for the Job
sorting text14.4 Sorting Text
sorting text in order of relevance13.3.1 Sorting Text in Order of Relevance
soundPART FIVE: Sound
sound editing, other tools for24.4 Other Tools for Sound Editing
sound effects24.2 Sound Effects
sound file formats22.1 Sound File Formats
sound file tools, other22.5 Other Sound File Tools
sound file, cutting out part of a24.1.1 Cutting Out Part of a Sound File
sound file, playing a22.3 Playing a Sound File
sound file, recording a22.4 Recording a Sound File
sound file, reversing a24.2.9 Reversing a Sound File
sound files22. Sound Files
sound files, converting24.3 Converting Sound Files
sound files, editing24. Editing Sound Files
sound files, mixing together24.1.3 Mixing Sound Files Together
sound files, working with selections from24.1 Working with Selections from Sound Files
sound, pasting a selection of24.1.2 Pasting a Selection of Sound
sound, sampling from a CD23.2 Sampling Sound from a CD
soundcard, permitting user access toA.4.2 Letting Users Access Hardware Peripherals
SourceforgeB. Linux Resources on the Web
space and tab characters, swapping14.1.7 Swapping Tab and Space Characters
spaces, eliminating extra in text14.1.1 Eliminating Extra Spaces in Text
spacing text14.1 Spacing Text
spacing, finding phrases regardless of15.2.8 Finding Phrases Regardless of Spacing
spam31.3.2 Setting Notification for New Mail
special characters, inserting in Emacs11.2.5 Inserting Special Characters in Emacs
special characters, listing10.4 Viewing a Character Chart
special characters, passing to commands4.1.1 Passing Special Characters to Commands
special mail composition keystrokes31.1.4 Special Mail Composition Keystrokes
specifying a command from your history4.4.2 Specifying a Command from Your History
specifying additional window attributes5.2.4 Specifying Additional Window Attributes
specifying file names with patterns6.8 Specifying File Names with Patterns
specifying the Macintosh disk to use27.2.1 Specifying the Macintosh Disk to Use
specifying window colors5.2.2 Specifying Window Colors
specifying window font5.2.3 Specifying Window Font
specifying window size and location5.2.1 Specifying Window Size and Location
spell checking files12.1.2 Listing the Misspellings in a Text
spell checking in Emacs12.1.5 Spell Checking in Emacs
spell checking, interactive12.1.4 Interactive Spell Checking
spelling12.1 Spelling
spelling, keeping a word list for12.1.3 Keeping a Spelling Word List
splitting a file into smaller ones9.3 Splitting a File into Smaller Ones
spool queue26.1 Making and Managing Print Jobs
staircase effect26. Printing
Stallman, Richard2.1.2 What's Free Software?
Stallman, Richard11.2 Emacs
standard error4.2 Redirecting Input and Output
standard input4.2 Redirecting Input and Output
standard input4.2.1 Redirecting Input to a File
standard output4.2 Redirecting Input and Output
standard output4.2.2 Redirecting Output to a File
StarOffice16.6 Other Word Processors and Typesetting Systems
start menu5.2 Running a Program in X
starting X5.1.1 Starting X
StarWriter16.6 Other Word Processors and Typesetting Systems
Stettner, Heidi31.3.2 Setting Notification for New Mail
sticky windows5.4 Moving around the Desktop
stopping a job4.3.5 Stopping a Job
stopping an audio CD23.1.3 Stopping an Audio CD
stopping X5.1.2 Stopping X
storage, disk25. Disk Storage
streaming MP3 audio, playing22.3.1 Playing an MP3 File
streaming text10.3 Streaming Text
streams4.2 Redirecting Input and Output
streams, text11.5 Editing Streams of Text
strings, outputting the text between10.2.5 Outputting the Text between Strings
strings, text15. Searching Text
Strunk, William12.3.1 Checking Text for Misused Phrases
style, checking12.3.3 Checking Text for Readability
subdirectories6. Files and Directories
superuser3.2 Accounts and Privileges
superuser accountA. Administrative Issues
SuSE2.1.5 What's Debian?
SuSE LinuxB. Linux Resources on the Web
suspending a connection with another system33.1.1 Suspending a Connection with Another System
suspending a job4.3.1 Suspending a Job
swapping tab and space characters14.1.7 Swapping Tab and Space Characters
switching between consoles3.3.1 Switching between Consoles
switching between video modes5.6.1 Switching between Video Modes
symbolic links6.7 Giving a File More than One Name
symlinks6.7 Giving a File More than One Name
synergy, defined2.1.6 Unix and the Tools Philosophy
synonyms, of words12.2.3 Listing the Synonyms of a Word
system activity, listing3.7 Listing System Activity
system dictionary12.1 Spelling
system manual, reading a page from the3.8.4 Reading a Page from the System Manual
system, checking whether one is online33.4.1 Checking Whether a System Is Online
system, connecting to another33.1 Connecting to Another System
system, connecting to another with encryption33.1.2 Connecting to Another System with Encryption
system, controlling power to the3.1 Controlling Power to the System
system, displaying information about theA.5 Displaying Information about the System
system, how long has it been upA.5.1 How Long Has the System Been Up?
system, listing who is logged in to a33.4.3 Listing Who Is Logged In to a System
system, listing who is on the3.6.2 Listing Who Is on the System
system, logging in to the3.2.1 Logging In to the System
system, logging out of the3.2.2 Logging Out of the System
system, powering up the3.1.1 Powering Up the System
system, shutting down immediatelyA.2.1 Shutting Down Immediately
system, shutting down theA.2 Shutting Down the System
system, suspending a connection with another33.1.1 Suspending a Connection with Another System
system, turning off the3.1.2 Turning Off the System
systems, listing activity of online33.4 Listing Online System and User Activity

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