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B. Linux Resources on the Web

To get the latest news related to Linux and the free software movement, find new documentation, and keep up to date with the latest in free software, you'll want to turn to the Web.

The following table is by no means a complete list of these resources, but it gives what I consider to be the most important and useful Web resources for Linux, and free software in general. These are all sites which every avid GNU/Linux enthusiast should be aware of.

http://freshmeat.net/ Freshmeat contains descriptions and links to thousands of free software packages.
http://www.gnu.org/ The GNU Project Web site lists new software packages as they become part of the GNU Project. This site is also the home of the Free Software Foundation, and is a source for both philosophical readings and news about the free software movement.
http://linux.com/ In addition to the latest in Linux news, linux.com provides feature stories, links, and a database of Linux User Groups.
http://linuxdoc.org/ The Linux Documentation Project manages the creation and upkeep of Linux HOWTOs and other documentation.
http://linuxgazette.com/ The Linux Gazette is a monthly webzine devoted to "making Linux just a little more fun," and it has been published by SSC for years. Its "More 2-Cent Tips" column is famous.
http://www.linuxhardware.net/ A user-contributed database of hardware that works with Linux.
http://lwn.net/ Linux Weekly News contains great coverage for Linux and related free software.
http://mainmatter.com/ This site hosts the Linux FAQ.
http://sal.kachinatech.com/ SAL ("Scientific Applications on Linux") is the authoritative listing of scientific software that runs on Linux-based systems.
http://slashdot.org/ Slashdot is a popular news and discussion site for members of the Linux and free software community; many people usually check Slashdot several times daily.
http://sourceforge.net/ Sourceforge is the Internet's largest community for developers of free software; it gives free resources to developers of free software.
http://sweetcode.org/ Tracks free software that is innovative---not just the latest free clone of some old proprietary application that wasn't all that interesting to begin with.
http://themes.org/ A repository of GUI "themes" for your desktop.
http://www.bright.net/ ~dlphilp/linuxsound/ "Sound and MIDI Software for Linux" is the comprehensive guide to sound and audio for Linux-based systems.

Additionally, the following table lists the primary Web sites for some of the most popular Linux distributions.

http://debian.org/ Debian GNU/Linux.
http://linux-mandrake.com/ Linux Mandrake.
http://redhat.com/ Red Hat Linux.
http://slackware.com/ Slackware Linux.
http://suse.de/ SuSE Linux.

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