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Index Entry Section

.bash_logout4.6.4 Customizing Future Shells
.bash_profile4.6.4 Customizing Future Shells
.bashrc4.6.4 Customizing Future Shells

9wm5.6.4 Choosing a Window Manager

Abbrev mode11.2.3 Making Abbreviations in Emacs
addgroupA.4.2 Letting Users Access Hardware Peripherals
adduser4. The Shell
adduserA.4.1 Making a User Account
ae11.1 Choosing the Perfect Text Editor
afterstep5.6.4 Choosing a Window Manager
alias4.6.2 Making a Command Alias
amaya32.7 More Web Browsers and Tools
amixer22.2 Adjusting the Audio Controls
an13.4 Finding Anagrams in Text
animate18.6 Additional Image Viewers
aplay22.3 Playing a Sound File
apropos3.8.1 Finding the Right Tool for the Job
apropos4.2.1 Redirecting Input to a File
apropos4.2.2 Redirecting Output to a File
apropos4.2.4 Redirecting Output to Another Command's Input
apropos4.3.2 Putting a Job in the Background
apt-getA.3.2 Installing a Debian Package
apt-getA.3.3 Upgrading a Debian Package
arena32.7 More Web Browsers and Tools
ascii10.4 Viewing a Character Chart
aumix22.5 Other Sound File Tools
aview18.6 Additional Image Viewers

balsa31.6 Picking the Right Mail Application
banner16.1 Choosing the Right Typesetting System for the Job
banner17.3.2 Making a Text Banner
bash4. The Shell
bash15.2.1 Matching Lines Beginning with Certain Text
bbdb28.5.2 Keeping a Contact Manager Database
bc29.1.2 Making Many Arithmetic Calculations
biff31.3.2 Setting Notification for New Mail
BitchX33.6.2 Chatting with Users on IRC
bitchx33.6.2 Chatting with Users on IRC
bitmap19.4 Interactive Image Editors and Tools
browser-history32.1.1 Maintaining a List of Visited Web Sites

cal28.3.1 Displaying a Calendar
calc29.1.1 Making a Quick Arithmetic Calculation
calc29.6 Other Math Tools
calendar28.4 Managing Appointments
calendar28.4.1 Making an Appointment File
calendar28.4.2 Including Holidays in Your Reminders
calendar28.4.3 Automatic Appointment Delivery
can6.6.2 A Safe Way to Remove a File
cat6.8 Specifying File Names with Patterns
cat10.2 Outputting Text
cat10.2.1 Showing Non-printing Characters
cat10.2.6 Outputting Text in a Dialect
cat11.6 Concatenating Text
cat13.1.2 Counting the Words in a Text
cat14.1.1 Eliminating Extra Spaces in Text
cat14.5 Numbering Lines of Text
cat15.2.8 Finding Phrases Regardless of Spacing
cat16. Typesetting and Word Processing
cat17.3.1 Horizontal Text Fonts
cat20.1.2 Taking a Screen Shot in a Console
cat29.3 Listing a Sequence of Numbers
catA.5.3 What Version of Debian Am I Running?
cd6.2 Changing Directories
cd6.2.1 Changing to Your Home Directory
cd6.2.2 Changing to the Last Directory You Visited
cd-circleprint16.6 Other Word Processors and Typesetting Systems
cdda2wav23.2 Sampling Sound from a CD
cdeject23.1.6 Ejecting an Audio CD
cdinfo23.1.5 Displaying Information about an Audio CD
cdir23.1.5 Displaying Information about an Audio CD
cdlabelgen16.6 Other Word Processors and Typesetting Systems
cdparanoia23.2 Sampling Sound from a CD
cdpause23.1.2 Pausing an Audio CD
cdplay23.1.1 Playing an Audio CD
cdrecord23.3 Writing an Audio CD-R
cdstop23.1.3 Stopping an Audio CD
cdtool23.1 Controlling CD Audio
ce11.2 Emacs
chcase6.5.1 Changing File Names to Lowercase
chcase6.5.2 Renaming Multiple Files with the Same Extension
chgrp7.2.2 Changing the Ownership of a File
chmod7.3.2 Changing the Permissions of a File
chmod7.3.3 Write-Protecting a File
chmod7.3.4 Making a File Private
chmod7.3.5 Making a File Public
chmod7.3.6 Making a File Executable
chrony28.1 Displaying the Date and Time
ci9.7.1 Checking In a File Revision
clear4.1.4 Running a List of Commands
clear4.6.4 Customizing Future Shells
cmp9.4.1 Determining Whether Two Files Differ
co9.7.2 Checking Out a File Revision
col14.3 Underlining Text
combine19.1.7 Combining Images
combine19.1.8 Morphing Two Images Together
comm2.1.6 Unix and the Tools Philosophy
consolechars17.2.1 Setting the Console Font
convert19.2 Converting Images between Formats
convert20.3.1 Converting a PhotoCD Image
cooledit11.1 Choosing the Perfect Text Editor
cp6.4 Copying Files and Directories
cp6.8 Specifying File Names with Patterns
crontab28.4.3 Automatic Appointment Delivery
cse17.4 Other Font Tools
cutup13.6.1 Making Simple Text Cut-Ups
cvs9.7 Tracking Revisions to a File

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