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Concept Index: C

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Cable Modem Providers HOWTO30.1 Connecting to the Internet
calculating arithmetic29.1 Calculating Arithmetic
calendar file, making28.4.1 Making an Appointment File
calendar files, including28.4.2 Including Holidays in Your Reminders
calendar, displaying a28.3.1 Displaying a Calendar
calendar, displaying in Emacs28.3.2 Displaying a Calendar in Emacs
calendars28.3 Calendars
calling out on a modem30.3 Calling Out on a Modem
cancelling a print job26.1.4 Cancelling a Print Job
cancelling a shutdownA.2.3 Cancelling a Shutdown
capture logs4.5 Recording a Shell Session
carbon copies, sending in mail31.1 Sending Mail
caret, in regexps15.2.1 Matching Lines Beginning with Certain Text
carriage returns, replacing with linefeeds15.6.4 Searching and Replacing in Emacs
Case Western Reserve University11.2 Emacs
cassette labels, PostScript template for16.6 Other Word Processors and Typesetting Systems
CD, sampling sound from a23.2 Sampling Sound from a CD
CD-R, writing an audio23.3 Writing an Audio CD-R
CD-ROM drives, letting users mountA.4.3 Letting Users Mount Drives
CD-ROM, mounting a25.4.1 Mounting a CD-ROM
CD-ROM, unmounting a25.4.2 Unmounting a CD-ROM
changing directories6.2 Changing Directories
changing file modification time9.2 Changing File Modification Time
changing file names to lowercase6.5.1 Changing File Names to Lowercase
changing the amplitude of a sound file24.2.1 Changing the Amplitude of a Sound File
changing the ownership of a file7.2.2 Changing the Ownership of a File
changing the permissions of a file7.3.2 Changing the Permissions of a File
changing the root window parameters5.6.3 Changing the Root Window Parameters
changing the sampling rate of a sound file24.2.2 Changing the Sampling Rate of a Sound File
changing the shell prompt4.6.1 Changing the Shell Prompt
changing the size of an image19.1.1 Changing the Size of an Image
changing the volume level22.2.2 Changing the Volume Level
changing to the last directory you visited6.2.2 Changing to the Last Directory You Visited
changing to your home directory6.2.1 Changing to Your Home Directory
changing your password3.5 Changing Your Password
Chao, Buwei Yang1.4 Acknowledgments
character chart, viewing a10.4 Viewing a Character Chart
characters, counting in a text13.1.1 Counting the Characters in a Text
characters, quoting4.1.1 Passing Special Characters to Commands
chatting directly with a user33.6.1 Chatting Directly with a User
chatting with other users33.6 Chatting with Other Users
chatting with users on ICQ33.6.3 Chatting with Users on ICQ
chatting with users on IRC33.6.2 Chatting with Users on IRC
CheapBytesA.3.1 Getting and Installing Debian
checking grammar12.3 Checking Grammar
checking in a file revision9.7.1 Checking In a File Revision
checking out a file revision9.7.2 Checking Out a File Revision
checking SGML document syntax16.5.2 Checking SGML Document Syntax
checking text for difficult sentences12.3.4 Checking Text for Difficult Sentences
checking text for doubled words12.3.2 Checking Text for Doubled Words
checking text for long sentences12.3.5 Checking Text for Long Sentences
checking text for misused phrases12.3.1 Checking Text for Misused Phrases
checking text for readability12.3.3 Checking Text for Readability
checking whether a system is online33.4.1 Checking Whether a System Is Online
checking whether a user is online33.4.2 Checking Whether a User Is Online
Chet's Emacs11.2 Emacs
choosing a newsreader33.3.1 Choosing a Newsreader
choosing a window manager5.6.4 Choosing a Window Manager
choosing the perfect text editor11.1 Choosing the Perfect Text Editor
choosing the right typesetting system for the job16.1 Choosing the Right Typesetting System for the Job
chorus, adding to a sound file.24.2.7 Adding Chorus to a Sound File
clearing the screen4.6.4 Customizing Future Shells
clients, X5.2 Running a Program in X
color directory listing6.3.5 Listing Directories in Color
color map19.1.3 Adjusting the Colors of an Image
color reduction19.1.3 Adjusting the Colors of an Image
colors, window5.2.2 Specifying Window Colors
columns, placing text in14.2.2 Placing Text in Columns
combining images19.1.7 Combining Images
combining PostScript documents21.2.2 Combining PostScript Documents
combining PostScript pages21.1.3 Combining PostScript Pages
command history4.4 Command History
command line4.1 Keys for Command Line Editing
command line editing, keys for4.1 Keys for Command Line Editing
command, finding the location of a8.4 Finding Where a Command Is Located
command, mailing the output of a31.1.2 Mailing a File or the Output of a Command
command, repeating the last4.1.3 Repeating the Last Command You Typed
command, running a3.4 Running a Command
command, running on a delay28.6.3 Running a Command on a Delay
commands available while perusing text10.1.3 Commands Available While Perusing Text
commands, listing usage3.8.3 Listing the Usage of a Tool
commands, making aliases for4.6.2 Making a Command Alias
commands, piping4.2.4 Redirecting Output to Another Command's Input
commands, running a list of4.1.4 Running a List of Commands
commands, running on the files you find8.2.5 Running Commands on the Files You Find
commands, specifying from your history4.4.2 Specifying a Command from Your History
communications30. Communications
compact discs, audio23. Audio Compact Discs
comparing files9.4 Comparing Files
completion, tab4.1.2 Letting the Shell Complete What You Type
compressed files9.5 Compressed Files
compressed files, matching lines in15.3.1 Matching Lines in Compressed Files
compressing a file9.5.1 Compressing a File
concatenating text11.6 Concatenating Text
concordance, making of a text13.2 Making a Concordance of a Text
Concurrent Versions System (CVS)9.7 Tracking Revisions to a File
configuring X5.6 Configuring X
connecting to another system33.1 Connecting to Another System
connecting to another system with encryption33.1.2 Connecting to Another System with Encryption
connecting to the Internet30.1 Connecting to the Internet
console basics3.3 Console Basics
console font, displaying the characters in a17.2.2 Displaying the Characters in a Console Font
console font, setting the17.2.1 Setting the Console Font
console fonts17.2 Console Fonts
console manipulation, keys for3.3.3 Keys for Console Manipulation
console text, scrolling3.3.2 Scrolling the Console Text
console, browsing images in a18.3 Browsing Images in a Console
console, emulating in X5.5 Running a Shell in X
consoles, switching between3.3.1 Switching between Consoles
contact manager database, keeping a28.5.2 Keeping a Contact Manager Database
contact managers28.5 Contact Managers
contexts, finding patterns in certain15.2.9 Finding Patterns in Certain Contexts
control characters, inserting in Emacs11.2.5 Inserting Special Characters in Emacs
control characters, showing10.2.1 Showing Non-printing Characters
controlling a PPP connection30.1.2 Controlling a PPP Connection
controlling access to files7.3 Controlling Access to Files
controlling cd audio23.1 Controlling CD Audio
controlling power to the system3.1 Controlling Power to the System
conventions, typographical1.2 Typographical Conventions
conversions, cross-platform27. Cross-Platform Conversions
converting a PhotoCD image20.3.1 Converting a PhotoCD Image
converting an amount between units of measurement29.5.1 Converting an Amount between Units of Measurement
converting an Arabic numeral to English29.5.2 Converting an Arabic Numeral to English
converting HTML to another format32.6.2 Converting HTML to Another Format
converting images between formats19.2 Converting Images between Formats
converting Microsoft Word files27.4 Converting Microsoft Word Files
converting MP3 file to another format24.3.2 Converting MP3 to Another Format
converting numbers29.5 Converting Numbers
converting plain text for output16.2 Converting Plain Text for Output
converting PostScript21.3 Converting PostScript
converting PostScript to PDF21.3.1 Converting PostScript to PDF
converting PostScript to plain text21.3.2 Converting PostScript to Plain Text
converting sound files24.3 Converting Sound Files
converting text files between DOS and Linux27.3 Converting Text Files between DOS and Linux
converting to and from fax format30.2.4 Converting to and from Fax Format
converting Word to LaTeX27.4.1 Converting Word to LaTeX
converting Word to plain text27.4.2 Converting Word to Plain Text
cookbook approachPreface
Cooledit11.1 Choosing the Perfect Text Editor
copying files and directories6.4 Copying Files and Directories
copying files to and from a DOS disk27.1.2 Copying Files to and from a DOS Disk
copying files to and from a Macintosh disk27.2.3 Copying Files to and from a Macintosh Disk
copyleft2.1.2 What's Free Software?
copyleftC. License
copyleft, applying to your workC.2 Applying Copyleft to Your Work
counting how many messages you have31.3.3 Counting How Many Messages You Have
counting lines per page in Emacs13.1.5 Counting Lines per Page in Emacs
counting text13.1 Counting Text
counting the characters in a text13.1.1 Counting the Characters in a Text
counting the lines in a text13.1.3 Counting the Lines in a Text
counting the occurrences of something13.1.4 Counting the Occurrences of Something
counting the words in a text13.1.2 Counting the Words in a Text
creating a file archive9.6.1 Creating a File Archive
cron jobs, scheduling28.4.3 Automatic Appointment Delivery
cross-platform conversions27. Cross-Platform Conversions
current directory, getting the name of the6.2.3 Getting the Name of the Current Directory
current working directory6. Files and Directories
customizing future shells4.6.4 Customizing Future Shells
customizing your shell4.6 Customizing Your Shell
cut-ups, making in emacs13.6.3 Making Cut-Ups in Emacs
cut-ups, making random word13.6.2 Making Random Word Cut-Ups
cut-ups, making simple text13.6.1 Making Simple Text Cut-Ups
cut-ups, text13.6 Text Cut-Ups
cutting out part of a sound file24.1.1 Cutting Out Part of a Sound File
cutting text11.4.1 Cutting Text
CVS9.7 Tracking Revisions to a File

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