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Index Entry Section

National Weather Service, city codes for12.4 Word Lists and Reference Files
NetBSD2.1.1 What's Unix?
netnews33.3 Reading Usenet
Netscape32.1 Browsing the Web
Network Time Protocol (NTP)28.1 Displaying the Date and Time
NetworkingPART SEVEN: Networking
News Peruser33.3.1 Choosing a Newsreader
newsgroups, finding for a topic33.3.2 Finding Newsgroups for a Topic
newsreader, choosing a33.3.1 Choosing a Newsreader
non-printing characters, showing10.2.1 Showing Non-printing Characters
notification for new mail, setting31.3.2 Setting Notification for New Mail
numbering lines of text14.5 Numbering Lines of Text
numbers, converting29.5 Converting Numbers
numbers, listing a sequence of29.3 Listing a Sequence of Numbers
numeral, converting an Arabic to English29.5.2 Converting an Arabic Numeral to English

occurrences of something, counting the13.1.4 Counting the Occurrences of Something
Ogg Vorbis22.1 Sound File Formats
Ogg Vorbis22.5 Other Sound File Tools
online dictionaries12.2.6 Online Dictionaries
Open Sound System22. Sound Files
Open Source2.1.3 What's Open Source?
Open Source Initiative (OSI)2.1.3 What's Open Source?
open source software2.1.3 What's Open Source?
OpenBSD2.1.1 What's Unix?
opening a URL from a script32.1.2 Opening a URL from a Script
operation7.3.2 Changing the Permissions of a File
options available when paginating text14.2.3 Options Available When Paginating Text
options available while browsing text32.3.3 Options Available while Browsing Text
options available while reading mail31.2.2 Options Available while Reading Mail
options, long-style3.4 Running a Command
Orwell, George10.2.6 Outputting Text in a Dialect
OSI2.1.3 What's Open Source?
OSS/Free22. Sound Files
other audio CD applications23.4 Other Audio CD Applications
other font tools17.4 Other Font Tools
other internet services33. Other Internet Services
other math tools29.6 Other Math Tools
other sound file tools22.5 Other Sound File Tools
other tools for sound editing24.4 Other Tools for Sound Editing
other word processors and typesetting systems16.6 Other Word Processors and Typesetting Systems
output, redirecting4.2.2 Redirecting Output to a File
outputting a beginning part of a text10.2.2 Outputting a Beginning Part of a Text
outputting a middle part of a text10.2.4 Outputting a Middle Part of a Text
outputting a random number29.2 Outputting a Random Number
outputting an ending part of a text10.2.3 Outputting an Ending Part of a Text
outputting multiple copies of text16.2.6 Outputting Multiple Copies of Text
outputting text10.2 Outputting Text
outputting text as a poster or sign16.2.2 Outputting Text as a Poster or Sign
outputting text in a dialect10.2.6 Outputting Text in a Dialect
outputting text in a font16.2.1 Outputting Text in a Font
outputting text in landscape orientation16.2.5 Outputting Text in Landscape Orientation
outputting text with fancy headers16.2.4 Outputting Text with Fancy Headers
outputting text with language highlighting16.2.3 Outputting Text with Language Highlighting
outputting the context of a search15.4 Outputting the Context of a Search
outputting the text between strings10.2.5 Outputting the Text between Strings
Overwrite mode11.2.1 Getting Acquainted with Emacs
ownership of a file, changing the7.2.2 Changing the Ownership of a File
ownership of a file, determining the7.2.1 Determining the Ownership of a File
ownership, of files7.2 File Ownership

package, installing a DebianA.3.2 Installing a Debian Package
package, upgrading a DebianA.3.3 Upgrading a Debian Package
page breaks, inserting in a text file11.2.5 Inserting Special Characters in Emacs
pager5.1 Running X
pager5.4 Moving around the Desktop
pages, extracting from a PostScript file21.1.2 Extracting Pages from a PostScript File
paginating text14.2 Paginating Text
paginating text, options available when14.2.3 Options Available When Paginating Text
paging through a file10.1.1 Perusing a Text File
paging through multiple files10.1.2 Perusing Multiple Text Files
palindromes, finding in text13.5 Finding Palindromes in Text
passing special characters to commands4.1.1 Passing Special Characters to Commands
password, changing your3.5 Changing Your Password
password, choosing a3.2 Accounts and Privileges
pasting a selection of sound24.1.2 Pasting a Selection of Sound
pasting text11.4.2 Pasting Text
patching a file with a difference report9.4.3 Patching a File with a Difference Report
path6. Files and Directories
path name6. Files and Directories
path, adding to4.6.3 Adding to Your Path
pattern, finding all files that match a8.1 Finding All Files That Match a Pattern
patterns, file name6.8 Specifying File Names with Patterns
patterns, finding in certain contexts15.2.9 Finding Patterns in Certain Contexts
pausing an audio CD23.1.2 Pausing an Audio CD
PDF file, preparing for printing26.3.3 Preparing a PDF File for Printing
PDF file, previewing a18.1.3 Previewing a PDF File
PDF, converting from26.3.3 Preparing a PDF File for Printing
PDF, converting to26.3.2 Preparing a DVI File for Printing
PDF, from PostScript input21.3.1 Converting PostScript to PDF
Perens, Bruce2.1.3 What's Open Source?
permissions, changing7.3.2 Changing the Permissions of a File
permissions, file7.3 Controlling Access to Files
permissions, listing7.3.1 Listing the Permissions of a File
Perry, Bill32.4 Browsing the Web in Emacs
personal dictionary12.1.3 Keeping a Spelling Word List
perusing a text file10.1.1 Perusing a Text File
perusing multiple text files10.1.2 Perusing Multiple Text Files
perusing text10.1 Perusing Text
perusing text from the Web32.3.1 Perusing Text from the Web
perusing text, commands available while10.1.3 Commands Available While Perusing Text
phase, adding to a sound file24.2.6 Adding Phase to a Sound File
Phillips, Dave24.4 Other Tools for Sound Editing
PhotoCD archives, browsing18.5 Browsing PhotoCD Archives
PhotoCD image, converting a20.3.1 Converting a PhotoCD Image
PhotoCD image, removing haze from20.3.2 Removing PhotoCD Haze
PhotoCD images, extracting20.3 Extracting PhotoCD Images
phrase, searching for a15.1 Searching for a Word or Phrase
phrases, checking text for misused12.3.1 Checking Text for Misused Phrases
phrases, finding regardless of spacing15.2.8 Finding Phrases Regardless of Spacing
picking the right mail application31.6 Picking the Right Mail Application
Picking Up Perl11.5 Editing Streams of Text
Pico11.1 Choosing the Perfect Text Editor
PID3.7 Listing System Activity
pilcrow sign4.1.1 Passing Special Characters to Commands
Pimp A** Newsreader33.3.1 Choosing a Newsreader
Pine11.1 Choosing the Perfect Text Editor
pipe4.2.4 Redirecting Output to Another Command's Input
pipeline4.2.4 Redirecting Output to Another Command's Input
placing headers on each page14.2.1 Placing Headers on Each Page
placing text in columns14.2.2 Placing Text in Columns
plans, viewing33.4.2 Checking Whether a User Is Online
playing a MIDI file22.3.2 Playing a MIDI File
playing a sound file22.3 Playing a Sound File
playing an audible time announcement28.2 Playing an Audible Time Announcement
playing an audio CD23.1.1 Playing an Audio CD
playing an MP3 file22.3.1 Playing an MP3 File
point11.2.1 Getting Acquainted with Emacs
Point-to-Point Protocol30.1 Connecting to the Internet
posters, outputting from text16.2.2 Outputting Text as a Poster or Sign
PostScript21. PostScript
PostScript30.2.4 Converting to and from Fax Format
PostScript document, arranging in a booklet21.2.3 Arranging a PostScript Document in a Booklet
PostScript document, resizing a21.2.1 Resizing a PostScript Document
PostScript documents, combining21.2.2 Combining PostScript Documents
PostScript documents, manipulating21.2 Manipulating PostScript Documents
PostScript file, preparing for printing26.3.1 Preparing a PostScript File for Printing
PostScript file, previewing a18.1.2 Previewing a PostScript File
PostScript output options, additional16.2.8 Additional PostScript Output Options
PostScript pages, arranging in signatures21.1.4 Arranging PostScript Pages in Signatures
PostScript pages, combining21.1.3 Combining PostScript Pages
PostScript pages, extracting from DVI21.1.1 Extracting DVI Pages to PostScript
PostScript pages, manipulating21.1 Manipulating PostScript Pages
PostScript, converting21.3 Converting PostScript
PostScript, converting to PDF21.3.1 Converting PostScript to PDF
PostScript, converting to plain text21.3.2 Converting PostScript to Plain Text
PostScript, extracting pages21.1.2 Extracting Pages from a PostScript File
power, controlling to the system3.1 Controlling Power to the System
powering up the system3.1.1 Powering Up the System
PPP30.1 Connecting to the Internet
PPP, controlling a connection30.1.2 Controlling a PPP Connection
PPP, setting up30.1.1 Setting Up PPP
preparing a DVI file for printing26.3.2 Preparing a DVI File for Printing
preparing a man page for printing26.3.4 Preparing a Man Page for Printing
preparing a PDF file for printing26.3.3 Preparing a PDF File for Printing
preparing a PostScript file for printing26.3.1 Preparing a PostScript File for Printing
preparing files for printing26.3 Preparing Files for Printing
pretty-printing16.2.3 Outputting Text with Language Highlighting
previewing a DVI file18.1.1 Previewing a DVI File
previewing a PDF file18.1.3 Previewing a PDF File
previewing a PostScript file18.1.2 Previewing a PostScript File
previewing print files18.1 Previewing Print Files
prime factors, finding29.4 Finding Prime Factors
print files, previewing18.1 Previewing Print Files
print job, cancelling a26.1.4 Cancelling a Print Job
print job, sending to the printer26.1.1 Sending a Print Job to the Printer
print jobs, listing your26.1.3 Listing Your Print Jobs
print jobs, making and managing26.1 Making and Managing Print Jobs
printing26. Printing
printing26.1.1 Sending a Print Job to the Printer
printing in Emacs26.2.1 Printing in Emacs
printing multiple copies of a job26.1.2 Printing Multiple Copies of a Job
printing the contents of an Xterm window26.2.3 Printing the Contents of an Xterm Window
printing with Dvips26.2.2 Printing with Dvips
printing, more recipes for26.2 More Recipes for Printing
printing, preparing files for26.3 Preparing Files for Printing
privileges, user3.2 Accounts and Privileges
process ID3.7 Listing System Activity
processes4.3 Managing Jobs
processes, listing3.7 Listing System Activity
processes, listing all of a user's3.7.2 Listing All of a User's Processes
processes, listing all on the system3.7.3 Listing All Processes on the System
processes, listing by name or number3.7.4 Listing Processes by Name or Number
processes, listing your current3.7.1 Listing Your Current Processes
processing LaTeX files16.4.3 Processing LaTeX Files
processing TeX files16.4.2 Processing TeX Files
Procomm30.3 Calling Out on a Modem
productivityPART SIX: Productivity
program, listing a description of a3.8.2 Listing a Description of a Program
programs, starting in X5.2 Running a Program in X
proprietary formats, converting data from27. Cross-Platform Conversions
PS14.6.1 Changing the Shell Prompt
PSUtils21. PostScript
purpose of the bookPreface
putting a job in the background4.3.2 Putting a Job in the Background
putting a job in the foreground4.3.3 Putting a Job in the Foreground
putting an image in the root window18.2.2 Putting an Image in the Root Window

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