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Concept Index: D -- E

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DAP (Digital Audio Processor)24.4 Other Tools for Sound Editing
data CDs25.4 CD-ROMs
date, displaying the28.1 Displaying the Date and Time
Davis, John E.11.1 Choosing the Perfect Text Editor
Debian2.1.5 What's Debian?
Debian Free Software Guidelines (DFSG)2.1.3 What's Open Source?
Debian GNU/LinuxB. Linux Resources on the Web
Debian package, installing aA.3.2 Installing a Debian Package
Debian package, upgrading aA.3.3 Upgrading a Debian Package
Debian, getting and installingA.3.1 Getting and Installing Debian
Debian, what version am I running?A.5.3 What Version of Debian Am I Running?
decompressing a file9.5.2 Decompressing a File
DEdit11.1 Choosing the Perfect Text Editor
definitions, of words12.2.2 Listing the Definitions of a Word
delay, running a command on a28.6.3 Running a Command on a Delay
deleting files and directories6.6 Removing Files and Directories
deleting files on a DOS disk27.1.3 Deleting Files on a DOS Disk
deleting files on a Macintosh disk27.2.4 Deleting Files on a Macintosh Disk
deleting mail31.2.1 Deleting Mail
Dell Computer CorporationA.1 Linux and Hardware Compatibility
dependenciesA.3.2 Installing a Debian Package
Design Science License (DSL)C.1 Design Science License
desktop5.1 Running X
desktop environment5.1 Running X
desktop, moving around the5.4 Moving around the Desktop
destroying a window5.3.3 Destroying a Window
determining file type and format9.1 Determining File Type and Format
determining the ownership of a file7.2.1 Determining the Ownership of a File
determining whether two files differ9.4.1 Determining Whether Two Files Differ
DFSG2.1.3 What's Open Source?
dialects, outputting text in10.2.6 Outputting Text in a Dialect
DICT Development Group12.2.6 Online Dictionaries
diction, checking12.3.1 Checking Text for Misused Phrases
dictionaries12.2 Dictionaries
dictionaries, online12.2.6 Online Dictionaries
dictionary, personal12.1.3 Keeping a Spelling Word List
dictionary, searching for words in the12.2.1 Listing Words that Match a Pattern
difference report9.4.2 Finding the Differences between Files
difference report, patching a file with a9.4.3 Patching a File with a Difference Report
directories6. Files and Directories
directories, changing6.2 Changing Directories
directories, copying6.4 Copying Files and Directories
directories, finding the largest8.3.4 Finding the Largest Directories
directories, finding the smallest8.3.3 Finding the Smallest Directories
directories, listing6.3 Listing Directories
directories, listing hidden6.3.4 Listing Hidden Files
directories, listing in color6.3.5 Listing Directories in Color
directories, listing options6.3.7 Additional Directory Listing Options
directories, listing tree graphs of6.3.6 Listing Directory Tree Graphs
directories, making6.1.2 Making a Directory
directories, moving6.5 Moving Files and Directories
directories, naming6.1 Naming Files and Directories
directories, removing6.6 Removing Files and Directories
directories, renaming6.5 Moving Files and Directories
directory listings, finding files in8.3 Finding Files in Directory Listings
directory tree6. Files and Directories
directory tree, finding files in a8.2 Finding Files in a Directory Tree
directory tree, making a6.1.3 Making a Directory Tree
directory, changing to the last one you visited6.2.2 Changing to the Last Directory You Visited
directory, finding the largest files in a8.3.1 Finding the Largest Files in a Directory
directory, finding the smallest files in a8.3.2 Finding the Smallest Files in a Directory
disk storage25. Disk Storage
disk usage, listing a file's25.2 Listing a File's Disk Usage
disk, listing the free space on a25.1 Listing a Disk's Free Space
diskettes25.3 Floppy Disks
disks, floppy25.3 Floppy Disks
displaying a calendar28.3.1 Displaying a Calendar
displaying a calendar in Emacs28.3.2 Displaying a Calendar in Emacs
displaying information about an audio CD23.1.5 Displaying Information about an Audio CD
displaying information about the systemA.5 Displaying Information about the System
displaying the characters in a console font17.2.2 Displaying the Characters in a Console Font
displaying the characters in an X font17.1.3 Displaying the Characters in an X Font
displaying the date and time28.1 Displaying the Date and Time
distribution, defined2.1.5 What's Debian?
document processing, with LyX16.3 LyX Document Processing
Document Type Definition (DTD)16.5 Writing Documents with SGMLtools
documentation, system3.8.6 Reading System Documentation and Help Files
domain name, listing the owner of a33.4.6 Listing the Owner of a Domain Name
domain record33.4.6 Listing the Owner of a Domain Name
DOS disk, copying files to and from a27.1.2 Copying Files to and from a DOS Disk
DOS disk, deleting files on a27.1.3 Deleting Files on a DOS Disk
DOS disk, formatting a27.1.4 Formatting a DOS Disk
DOS disk, listing the contents of a27.1.1 Listing the Contents of a DOS Disk
DOS disk, using27.1 Using DOS and Windows Disks
DOS text files, converting27.3 Converting Text Files between DOS and Linux
dot files6.3.4 Listing Hidden Files
double-spacing text14.1.3 Double-Spacing Text
doubled words, checking text for12.3.2 Checking Text for Doubled Words
downloading a file33.2.2 Downloading a File
drives, letting users mountA.4.3 Letting Users Mount Drives
DSL (Design Science License)C.1 Design Science License
DSL HOWTO for Linux30.1 Connecting to the Internet
DTD16.5 Writing Documents with SGMLtools
Duggan, Angus21. PostScript
Duke of URL, TheA.1 Linux and Hardware Compatibility
DVI file, preparing for printing26.3.2 Preparing a DVI File for Printing
DVI file, previewing a18.1.1 Previewing a DVI File
DVI files, printing26.2.2 Printing with Dvips
DVI pages, extracting to PostScript21.1.1 Extracting DVI Pages to PostScript
Dvips, printing with26.2.2 Printing with Dvips

echo area11.2.1 Getting Acquainted with Emacs
echo, adding to a sound file24.2.4 Adding Echo to a Sound File
editing images19. Editing Images
editing images with the GIMP19.3 Editing Images with the GIMP
editing sound files24. Editing Sound Files
editing streams of text11.5 Editing Streams of Text
editing text11. Text Editing
edition of the Cookbook, latest1.3 Versions, Latest Edition, and Errata
editors, text11.1 Choosing the Perfect Text Editor
effects, sound24.2 Sound Effects
ejecting an audio CD23.1.6 Ejecting an Audio CD
electronic mail31. Email
elements of an SGML document16.5.1 Elements of an SGML Document
Elements of Style12.3.1 Checking Text for Misused Phrases
eliminating extra spaces in text14.1.1 Eliminating Extra Spaces in Text
Emacs4.1 Keys for Command Line Editing
Emacs11. Text Editing
Emacs11.1 Choosing the Perfect Text Editor
Emacs11.2 Emacs
Emacs14.3 Underlining Text
Emacs31.6 Picking the Right Mail Application
Emacs32.6 Writing HTML
Emacs diary28.4 Managing Appointments
Emacs, basic editing keys11.2.2 Basic Emacs Editing Keys
Emacs, browsing the Web in32.4 Browsing the Web in Emacs
Emacs, counting lines per page in13.1.5 Counting Lines per Page in Emacs
Emacs, displaying a calendar in28.3.2 Displaying a Calendar in Emacs
Emacs, getting acquainted with11.2.1 Getting Acquainted with Emacs
Emacs, inserting special characters in11.2.5 Inserting Special Characters in Emacs
Emacs, listing relevant files in13.3.2 Listing Relevant Files in Emacs
Emacs, making abbreviations in11.2.3 Making Abbreviations in Emacs
Emacs, making cut-ups in13.6.3 Making Cut-Ups in Emacs
Emacs, printing in26.2.1 Printing in Emacs
Emacs, recording and running macros in11.2.4 Recording and Running Macros in Emacs
Emacs, searching and replacing in15.6.4 Searching and Replacing in Emacs
Emacs, searching for a phrase in15.6.2 Searching for a Phrase in Emacs
Emacs, searching for a regexp in15.6.3 Searching for a Regexp in Emacs
Emacs, searching incrementally in15.6.1 Searching Incrementally in Emacs
Emacs, searching text in15.6 Searching Text in Emacs
Emacs, spell checking in12.1.5 Spell Checking in Emacs
email31. Email
email addresses, verifying31.3.5 Verifying an Email Address
email reminders, sending yourself28.6.1 Sending Yourself Email Reminders
email signature, making an31.5 Making an Email Signature
empty file, making an6.1.1 Making an Empty File
empty files, finding in a directory tree8.2.2 Finding Files in a Directory Tree by Size
Encapsulated PostScript21. PostScript
encryption, connecting to another system with33.1.2 Connecting to Another System with Encryption
envelopes, printing26.2.2 Printing with Dvips
EPS21. PostScript
EPS file, previewing a18.1.2 Previewing a PostScript File
errata1.3 Versions, Latest Edition, and Errata
error messages, redirecting to a file4.2.3 Redirecting Error Messages to a File
etext1.3 Versions, Latest Edition, and Errata
event number4.4.1 Viewing Your Command History
event, history4.4 Command History
exclusions to the Cookbook1.1 Assumptions, Scope, and Exclusions
execute permission7.3 Controlling Access to Files
expansions, file name6.8 Specifying File Names with Patterns
extracting DVI pages to PostScript21.1.1 Extracting DVI Pages to PostScript
extracting files from an archive9.6.3 Extracting Files from an Archive
extracting pages from a PostScript file21.1.2 Extracting Pages from a PostScript File
extracting PhotoCD images20.3 Extracting PhotoCD Images

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