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X client5.2 Running a Program in X
X clients, manipulating windows of5.3 Manipulating X Client Windows
X clients, running automatically5.6.2 Running X Clients Automatically
X font name17.1 X Fonts
X font name, selecting17.1.1 Selecting an X Font Name
X font, displaying the characters in an17.1.3 Displaying the Characters in an X Font
X fonts17.1 X Fonts
X fonts, listing available17.1.2 Listing Available X Fonts
X selection11.4 Selecting Text
X selection17.1.1 Selecting an X Font Name
X server5.2 Running a Program in X
X Window Dump files, viewing18.6 Additional Image Viewers
X Window System5. The X Window System
X, configuring5.6 Configuring X
X, starting5.1.1 Starting X
X, stopping5.1.2 Stopping X
XEmacs31.6 Picking the Right Mail Application
XMMS22.5 Other Sound File Tools
xterm font, resizing17.1.4 Resizing the Xterm Font
Xterm window, printing the contents of an26.2.3 Printing the Contents of an Xterm Window
XWave24.4 Other Tools for Sound Editing

yanking text11.4.2 Pasting Text

Zawinski, Jamie13.6.2 Making Random Word Cut-Ups
Zawinski, Jamie16.6 Other Word Processors and Typesetting Systems
Zicq33.6.3 Chatting with Users on ICQ
zombie process3.7.1 Listing Your Current Processes

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