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Watch Out!

RPM takes most of the work out of removing software from your system, and that's great. As with everything else in life, however, there's a downside. RPM also makes it easy to erase packages that are critical to your system's continued operation. Here are some examples of packages not to erase:

  • RPM: RPM will happily uninstall itself. No problem — you'll just re-install it with rpm -i… Oops!

  • Bash: The Bourne-again Shell may not be the shell you use, but certain parts of many Linux systems (like the scripts executed during system startup and shutdown) use /bin/sh, which is a symbolic link to /bin/bash. No /bin/bash, no /bin/sh. No /bin/sh, no system!

In many cases, RPM's dependency processing will prevent inadvertent erasures from causing massive problems. However, if you're not sure, use rpm -q to get more information about the package you'd like to erase. [1]



See Chapter 5 for more information on rpm -q.

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