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A.4. Implementation

A.4.1. System Startup

  1. Boot from the kernel diskette.

  2. Insert the root floppy when prompted.

  3. When prompted for a /usr diskette, say 'Y'.

  4. Insert the mp3blaster diskette and press Enter.

A.4.2. Verify that the /usr diskette loaded properly

bash# mount
bash# ls -lR /usr

A.4.3. Check the audio device initialization

bash# dmesg | more

If everything worked there should be a line or two indicating that the kernel found the audio hardware. The example below shows how the kernel might report a Yamaha integrated sound system.

ymfpci: YMF740C at 0xf4000000 IRQ 10
ac97_codec: AC97 Audio codec, id: 0x4144:0x5303 (Analog Devices AD1819)

A.4.4. Test audio output

bash# echo "Garbage" > /dev/dsp

A short burst of static coming from the PC speakers indicates that sound is working.

A.4.5. Play a sample file

Insert the diskette containing the sample audio file.

mount /dev/fd0 /home
bash# /usr/bin/mp3blaster

Use mp3blaster to select and play the file /home/torvalds-says-linux.mp3. Use mp3blaster's mixer controls to adjust the volume as needed.

A.4.6. System shutdown

Bring the system down gracefully with the shutdown command.

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