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Al Longyear, longyear@netcom.com

v1.13, 9 December 1996

This document contains a list the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about PPP for Linux (and their answers). It is really not a HOWTO, but is in \classical\ Question / Answer form. We have a different document which represents the PPP-HOWTO. It is written by Robert Hart.

1. Preface

2. General information

3. Other implementations

4. Compatibility

5. Authentication files

6. Construction problems

7. Problems running pppd

8. DIP

9. Process termination

10. Data Transfer related issues

11. Routing and other problems

12. Interactions with other PPP implementations

13. Other messages written to the system log

14. Network routing issues (using PPP as a \cheap\ bridge)

15. Other features and protocols

16. Miscellaneous

17. Questions about chat

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