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15. Other features and protocols

15.1 What about support for \demand dial\

Use the diald package. This is on sunsite in the same directory as the PPP source, /pub/Linux/system/Network/serial.

15.2 What about \filtering\

There are no plans to put filtering into the PPP code. The 1.3 kernel supports a firewall option and you should use that rather than attempt to find a method of putting firewall logic into a network device driver. Use either the ipfw or ipfwadm programs to define the rules for the firewall code in the kernel.

15.3 How about IPX?

It is in the 2.2.0e package.

15.4 How about NETBIOS?

There is a netbios PPP protocol. However, your better solution would be to use TCP/IP and the \samba\ code.

Microsoft and others have used Netbios PPP protocol.

The nbfcp protocol is a public document and available from several sources. The Netbios protocol is not a valid address family at the present time for Linux. Until Linux supports the protocol, there is little need to support Netbios over PPP for Linux.

15.5 I need ISDN support. Is there any?

ISDN support revolves around having a working ISDN driver. The present design of the PPP driver does not lend itself well to the concept of a block of data being received. This is being changed. A driver for the Sonix interface is being developed.

15.6 I would like multi-point support. Is there any support?

Multi-point would be nice. I am not aware of anyone working on multi-point support at the present time.

15.7 How about just standard synchronous PPP?

There are small changes needed to support a serial interface which uses synchronous communications. The redesign of the PPP driver will help with this function as well. Kate Marika Alhola has expressed an interest in writing such a synchronous driver for her hardware. You should contact her at kate@iti.fi or kate@nic.funet.fi for further information.

She informs me that the current status of sync ppp is, that I have had it few months in \production\ use talking with Cisco(TM) in speeds 64K and 256K. The source is under the GPL license and it may be found in ftp://nic.funet.fi/pub/Linux/kernel/xnet-sync-driver-1.0.tar.gz.

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