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Questions for Technical Support

Technical support is both a science and a mystical art form. In most cases, support technicians must rely on customer observations and communications with the customer in order to diagnose and solve the problem. Therefore, it is extremely important that you are as detailed and clear as possible when you state your questions and report your problems. Examples of what you should include are:

  • Symptoms of the problem (for example: "Linux is not able to access my CD-ROM drive. When it tries, I get timeout errors.")

  • When the problem began (for example: "My system was working fine until yesterday, when a lightning storm hit my area.")

  • Any changes you made to your system (for example: "I added a new hard drive and used Partition Wizzo to add Linux partitions.")

  • Other information that may be relevant to your situation, such as the installation method (CD-ROM, NFS, HTTP)

  • Specific hardware devices that may be relevant to your problem (for example: If you cannot setup networking, what kind of network card do you have?)

How to Send Support Questions

Please login at


and open a new service request, or call the phone number for support. If your product came with phone support, or you have purchased a phone support contract, the phone number you will need to call will be provided to you during the sign up process.

For more information on using Red Hat's online support system go to: