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Appendix C. Getting Technical Support

Remember to Sign Up

If you have an official edition of Red Hat Linux 8.0 and/or an official Red Hat OEM partner kit, please remember to sign up for the benefits you are entitled to as a Red Hat customer.


For more information on how Red Hat's technical support staff can assist you, refer to the service level agreement at:


You will be entitled to any or all of the following benefits, depending upon the Official Red Hat Linux product you purchased:

  • Official Red Hat support — Get help with your installation questions from Red Hat's support team.

  • Red Hat Network — Easily update your packages and receive security notices that are customized for your system. For more details, go to:

  • Under the Brim: The Official Red Hat E-Newsletter — Every month, get the latest news and product information directly from Red Hat.

To sign up, go to:


You will find your Product ID on the Registration Information Card in your Official Red Hat Linux boxed set.