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Chapter 4. Frequently Asked Questions

There certain questions that keep reappearing. This section tries to answer those questions.

How do I report a bug?

In addition to the information required in /usr/src/linux/REPORTING-BUGS, it also helps enormously if you provide the output of /proc/bus/usb/devices. If you are having problems with your host controller being recognised, it helps to have the output of lspci -v. If it is supposed to be UHCI, it helps to know whether interrupts are being generated every second.

What is a good book on USB

I have only read one, and thought it was very poor. I suggest that you get the specifications from http://www.usb.org, which are at no cost, are quite readable, and are up to date.

How do I make USB work on my Sony Vaio laptop?

You may need to turn off the BIOS option for Plug-n-Play operating system support on some models of Vaio. Then USB should work fine, although you may have problems with using the modem. This is only needed on some models.

How do I make USB be detected on my machine?

If you are sure that you actually have a suitable hardware setup, look for a BIOS option that could be applicable. It might be labelled as USB, or it might be more obscure, discussing Plug-n-Play, or having options for various types of operating systems. You may need to try various combinations.

I've upgraded and USB doesn't work on my machine anymore

If you have a motherboard with BIOS set to MPS 1.4, try MPS 1.1.

My Asus motherboard doesn't work, or works with only one device

Some early Asus P2B-DS and P2B-D motherboards have a design flaw that means that the chipset doesn't get sufficient voltage. I suggest returning the motherboard. Alternatively, check the Asus website at http://www.asus.com.tw/supportnews/english/mainboard/p2bx/17695.html for a hardware solution.