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I.5. Toshiba

Toshiba Linux Utilities This is a set of Linux utilities for controlling the fan, supervisor passwords, and hot key functions of Toshiba Pentium notebooks. There is a KDE package Klibreta, too.

See also Toshiba Linux Utilities

Mailing lists: linux-on-portege , Linux on Toshiba Satellite 40xx linux-tosh-40xx <majordomo_at_geekstuff.co.uk>.

Toshiba itself offers now Toshiba Linux Support (Japanese branch) and Toshiba Linux Support (German branch) .

Linux replacements for Toshiba laptop utilities. The Toshiba Linux Utilities package contains some Toshiba laptop goodies. Utilities to control the fan, change supervisor passwords, adjust power/battery modes and reassign the function key <FN> are included.