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I.4. Sony VAIO

For installation on VAIOs via external CD drive, see chapter Installation above. Some hints for the Jog-Dial you may find in the chapter Mice Species. The SONY VAIO C1 series includes some models, which are based on the first dedicated mobile CPU, the CRUSOE. The CRUSOE is manufactured by TransMeta . At TransMeta you may find information about the binary compatibility of the CRUSOE. The Sony PCG-C1XS Picturebook Camera Capture program captures images and movies on a Sony VAIO picturebook PCG-C1XS, taking advantage of the built in CCD camera and hardware JPEG encoder. It features PPM capture, JPEG capture (hardware JPEG), AVI capture of MJPEG, MJPEG capture of separate frames (for MPEG encoding), setting of brightness/contrast/etc., and a 1:4 sub-sampling option.

There are two HOWTOs available: The Linux SONY Vaio PCG-C1XD HOWTO by Philippe CADIC <ccadic_AT_cadic.com>. And the VAIO-HOWTO at the LDP.

There is also a VAIO C1 related Linux mailing list, too <linux-c1_at_gnu.org>.

Sony Vaio C1 FAQ mostly MS-Windows related, but contains useful hardware information and a mailing list.

The SONY VAIO SPIC daemon is a fast and small hack for create a working apmd to Sony VAIO laptops. It uses the sonypi kernel module to detect the AC adapter status and the LCD backlight, and cpufreq for CPU frequency change.

spicctrl uses the sonypi interface provided by /dev/sonypi and the Linux kernel.