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2. Sponsoring

2.1. How to and Why Sponsor?

This guide is free of charge (except the printed version, which contains an additional part) and free in the sense of the General Public Licence - GPL. Though it requires much work and could gain more quality if I would have some more hardware. So if you have a spare laptop, even an old one or one which requires repair, please let me know. For the curious, the first issues of this guide have been written on a HP OmniBook 800CT 5/100.

Or sponsor a banner ad at TuxMobil: Linux with Laptops, Notebooks, PDAs, Mobile Phones and Portable Computers.

You can hire me for readings or workshops on Linux with Laptops, Linux with PDAs, Repairing of Laptops and other Linux topics, too.

2.2. Table of Sponsors

This guide is currently sponsored by: