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6.55. Sysklogd-1.5

The Sysklogd package contains programs for logging system messages, such as those given by the kernel when unusual things happen.

Approximate build time: less than 0.1 SBU
Required disk space: 0.5 MB

6.55.1. Installation of Sysklogd

Compile the package:


This package does not come with a test suite.

Install the package:

make BINDIR=/sbin install

6.55.2. Configuring Sysklogd

Create a new /etc/syslog.conf file by running the following:

cat > /etc/syslog.conf << "EOF"
# Begin /etc/syslog.conf

auth,authpriv.* -/var/log/auth.log
*.*;auth,authpriv.none -/var/log/sys.log
daemon.* -/var/log/daemon.log
kern.* -/var/log/kern.log
mail.* -/var/log/mail.log
user.* -/var/log/user.log
*.emerg *

# End /etc/syslog.conf

6.55.3. Contents of Sysklogd

Installed programs: klogd and syslogd

Short Descriptions


A system daemon for intercepting and logging kernel messages


Logs the messages that system programs offer for logging. Every logged message contains at least a date stamp and a hostname, and normally the program's name too, but that depends on how trusting the logging daemon is told to be