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Scope of Red Hat Support

Red Hat, Inc. can only provide installation assistance to customers who have purchased an Official Red Hat Linux boxed set and/or an official Red Hat OEM partner kit. If you have obtained Linux from any other company, you must contact that company for support. Other companies include:

  • Macmillan

  • Sams/Que

  • Linux Systems Labs (LSL)

  • Mandrake

  • CheapBytes

Additionally, Red Hat Linux obtained via any of the following methods does not qualify for support from Red Hat:

  • Red Hat Linux PowerTools Archive

  • Downloaded via FTP on the Internet

  • Included in a package such as Motif or Applixware

  • Copied or installed from another user's CD

  • A CD-ROM (or CD-ROM set) included in a Linux book or other publication.

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