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Appendix C. Getting Technical Support

Remember to Sign Up

If you have an official edition of Red Hat Linux 7.2, please remember to sign up for the benefits you are entitled to as a Red Hat customer.

You will be entitled to any or all of the following benefits, depending upon the Official Red Hat Linux product you purchased:

  • Official Red Hat support — Get help with your installation questions from Red Hat, Inc.'s support team.

  • Red Hat Network — Easily update your packages and receive security notices that are customized for your system. Go to http://rhn.redhat.com for details.

  • Under the Brim: The Official Red Hat E-Newsletter — Every month, get the latest news and product information directly from Red Hat.

To sign up, go to http://www.redhat.com/apps/activate/. You will find your Product ID on the Registration Information Card in your Official Red Hat Linux boxed set.

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