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Appendix J. Credits

I would like to thank the many people who assisted with corrections and suggestions. Their contributions have made this work far better than I could ever have done alone. Especially I would like to thank:

  • First of all Kenneth E. Harker , from his page Linux on Laptops I have included much material into this HOWTO, but didn't always quote him verbatim.

  • The other authors from THE LINUX DOCUMENTATION PROJECT - TLDP .

  • The members of the Linux/IrDA® Project .

  • The members of the Linux-Laptop Mailing List.

  • The members of the Debian-Laptop Mailing List.

  • The members of the SuSE-Laptop Mailing List.

  • The visitors and contributors of my TuxMobil project.

  • Cedric Adjih , wrote the chapter about the NeoMagic chipset.

  • Amlaukka

  • Michele Andreoli, maintainer of muLinux.

  • Patrick D. Ashmore

  • Ben Attias .

  • Gerd Bavendiek , netenv

  • John Beimler , provided the URL of photopc.

  • Henri Bergius

  • Ludger Berse .

  • Stephane Bortzmeyer for his suggestions about email with UUCP, the use of CVS or related tools to synchronize two machines, and the noatime mount option.

  • Lionel, "trollhunter" Bouchpan-Lerust-Juery

  • Felix Braun .

  • David Burley

  • David Chien

  • Sven Crouse for information about touchpads

  • Eric wrote how to transfer pictures from a digital camera.

  • Ingo Dietzel , for his patience with the project.

  • Brian Edmonds

  • Peter Englmaier , provided the chapter about a sophisticated email setup.

  • Joel Eriksson , for information about Atari laptops.

  • Heiko Ettelbrueck

  • Gledson Evers , started the Portuguese translation.

  • Klaus Franken .

  • Guido Germano , for information about the Macintosh Powerbook 145B.

  • Bill Gjestvang .

  • Andreas Gohr prepared some sections of the PDA chapter and more

  • Alessandro Grillo , started the Italian translation.

  • Sven Grounsell TuxHilfe

  • Mikael Gueck

  • Marcus Hagn has written some powersaving tweaks

  • W. Wade, Hampton , did much of spell, grammar and style checking and added many valuable information.

  • Sebastian Henschel prepared some sections of the PDA chapter and more

  • David Hinds, the maintainer of the PCMCIA-CS package.

  • Karsten Hopp

  • Scott Hurring

  • JK

  • Uwe SV Kubosch , hints about Amiga

  • Jeremy D. Impson provided instructions about installing on a Toshiba Libretto 50CT Jeremy D. Impson

  • Adrian D. Jensen , provided some notes on removable hard disks

  • Steven G. Johnson , provided most of the information about Apple/Macintosh m68k machines and LinuxPPC on the PowerBook.

  • Dan Kegel , pointed me to the Toshiba Linux page.

  • Michael Kupsch

  • Gilles Lamiral for providing the PLIP Install-HOWTO.

  • Sian Leitch , suggestions on style

  • Stephan Loescher

  • LuftHans , announced this HOWTO to the maintainer of the Hardware-HOWTO.

  • Anderson MacKay , RLUG - Rice University Linux User Group , gave many different detailed recommendations.

  • Nat Makarevitch gave suggestions how to use noflushd

  • Jari Malinen , for support with HUT Mobile IP.

  • Paul Mansfield , ICQ:13391313 information about removable hard disks

  • Stefan Martig .

  • Marco Michna , from SuSE

  • Harald Milz , from SuSE provided numerous additions.

  • Emerson, Tom # El Monte , for his idea about laptop bags.

  • Dan Mueth author of the kmc_utils

  • Louis A. Mulieri , information about removable hard disks

  • Nathan Myers , from LL - LinuxLaptops for numerous additions.

  • Leandro Noferin , for proofreading the italian parts.

  • Ulrich Oelmann , gave valuable additions about the installation with muLinux.

  • Michael Opdenacker, for tips and tricks about PDAs and moral support Free-Electrons

  • Federico Pellegrin , provided the chapter about installation from a parallel port CD drive

  • Sean 'Shaleh' Perry, , Debian maintainer of anacron and other packages, for Debian support.

  • Igor Pesando .

  • Benjamin C. Pierce

  • Lucio Pileggi , provided information about the Siemens S25 cellular phone.

  • Jacek Pliszka , provided information about miscellaneous topics, e.g. USB devices, external floppy and CD drives.

  • Lorn 'ljp' Potter (Qtopia Community Liaison) gave some improvements for the PDA chapter

  • Steve Rader .

  • Bruce Richardson

  • Jaime Robles , gave me some information about the HAM-HOWTO.

  • Pete Rotheroe

  • Simon Rowe

  • Frank Schneider .

  • Hans Schou , FlashPath for Linux

  • Martin "Joey" Schulze

  • Chandran Shukla .

  • Fabio Sirna provided a script to show the battery status in console mode with ACPI

  • Adam Spiers .

  • Peter Sprenger .

  • Bill Staehle

  • Leon Stok

  • Christian Stolte

  • Peter Teuben , for some suggestions about hard disks.

  • Bob Toxen .

  • Thomas Traber .

  • Geert Van der Plas , provided information about the touchpad driver included in the GPM.

  • Marcel Ovidiu Vlad .

  • Michael Wiedmann , PIA - X11 based PalmPilot Address Manager , found many spelling errors and more.

  • Tim Williams , pointed me to System Commander 2000 partition manager

  • Serge Winitzki wrote some recommendations for noise reduction and/or energy saving

  • Richard Worwood

Sorry, but probably I have forgotten to mention everybody who helped.

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