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Составитель: В.А.Костромин, 2006-07 г. (оглавление)
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Отдых и развлечения в Linux

Очевидно, что для отдыха и развлечений могут быть использованы самые разные программы из предыдущих разделов настоящего каталога, например, видео и аудио-проигрыватели, программы для рисования или общения по сети, игры и так далее. Но повторять списки этих программ в настоящем разделе нет смысла. Так что здесь перечислены только такие программы, которые не попали в предыдущие разделы.
Мультимедйный центр на Linux
   (прием радио, прием телепрограмм, домашний кинотеатр)
Хобби и увлечения
Юмор, приколы

Мультимедйный центр на Linux

Прием радио в Linux
Консольные программы Программы для графического режима Что почитать?
  • DMCRadio is a ncurses-based console program for radio tuner cards supported by the Video4Linux system. It also features a recording function.
  • Fmd2ctl is a command line utility used to control the radio receiver in a SF16-FMD2 soundcard.
  • fmio sets and changes FM radio card volume and frequency.
  • fmtools is a pair of simple command-line utilities for ?video4linux? radio tuner cards under Linux. It includes fm for power control, tuning, and volume and fmscan for scanning for stations. They are quite simple and only implement the basic functions needed to control your devices. Other programs exist with much nicer interfaces. If you want simplicity, this is where to look.
  • Campcaster (formerly known as LiveSupport) is a radio playout and automation system. It enables radio stations to automate their broadcasts by using playlists that are scheduled for airing. Playlists can contain music, talk, or even other playlists. There is a GUI for live shows, and a Web interface, so radio station personnel can manage the station's broadcasts remotely.
  • cRadio is a QT - X11 interface that can control a radio card connected to your pc.
  • dbox2Tradio allows you to listen to radio and watch TV channels using external helper applications (such as xmms or Xine). The shell-style script remotely accesses the dbox2 and performs any action via the Web interface. It supports bouquets and is highly user configurable.
  • DJBorg turns your MP3 playlist into a personalized radio station, adding randomly-generated DJ banter between tracks. Song information (based on ID3 tags), news, weather, and headlines are announced via a text-to-speech engine.
  • DSI Sound Station (commercial) is broadcast software for everything related to audio and station management. It is for broadcast radio and TV stations of all sizes. It provides hard-disk audio recording, an on-line newsroom, a disc/media cataloguer, and sales utilities (like contracts and invoices).
  • Gnomeradio FM-радио тюнер. Работает с любыми FM-тюнер картами, поддерживаемыми video4linux. Основан на GTK. Remote controls are supported via (optional) LIRC-support. Gnomeradio can also record radio as a Wave, MP3 or Ogg files.
  • Gnome RIG Графический интерфейс для FM-тюнера. Имеет всё необходимое для качественного прослушивания и точной настройки станций.
  • GQradio Программа для работы с FM-радио посредством video4linux API или FreeBSD bktr API. Stations can be tuned manually, set to presets, or auto seek can find the next available frequency. The application supports theming (skins), and includes a built-in skin editor. Skin formats are similar to GQmpeg. Основана на GTK. Лицензия: GPL.
  • Gradio is a controller and graphical interface for radio hardware supported by the video4linux drivers in Linux 2.2+. It will work on Linux only, on any architecture that supports the devices themselves; at least x86 and Alpha. It may also be possible to use GRadio on SPARC with a PCI BTTV device.
  • iStream is a simple GNOME panel applet that lets you play Internet radio streams and local files. It uses Gstreamer for playback.
  • Jebi allows users to record AM/FM radio, TV or other audio content to MP3 and automatically publish as podcast channels via RSS. The result is a Tivo-like capability for radio (Rivo?).
  • Kcast is an audio streaming server and GUI playlist editor. It is made of two components: The server component, called Trout, is a Perl program, and can in fact be run independently of KCast so you don't need KDE or even the KDE libraries to use the server. KCast is a frontend for Trout written for KDE - it provides a user friendly interface and a playlist editor for your server. KCast requires at least the KDE libraries to run.
  • KDE Radio Station This tool presents you a list of internet streaming radio stations. Just select your favorite one, and the media player of your choice will pick up the right stream. More than 40 radio stations (and more than 90 streams) are already available; thanks to the decentralized structure, many more sources like Icecast directories can be added via metaservers.
  • kderadio is a programm that enables access to a video4linux compatible radio card. It is a real KDE programm that tries to use the KDE features to be as useful as possible.
  • KRadioApplet A KDE 3.x kicker applet to control your FM radio card. Needs video4linux and kde3.
  • ktuner is a KDE extension of cRadio. It uses the KDE and QT libraries.
  • MMXMPCR is a simple program for playing the XM PCR USB satellite radio receiver under Linux. The XM PCR is an inexpensive USB device that permits listening to XM satellite radio through a PC. The PC only provides the means for viewing and selecting channels. Audio output from the device is analog via a 1/8" phone jack that can be plugged into a computer sound card or a home stereo system.
  • OZradio provides a simple and easy to use application to play and Record FM Radio on BTTV Compatible cards.
  • Pydar is a digital audio recorder for GTK+/GNOME and GNU/Linux. It provides scheduling recording of radio programmes. Pydar can compress programmes on the fly into either Ogg Vorbis or Ogg Speex formats as well as recording to uncompressed Microsoft WAV files. Pydar is free software licensed under the GNU General Public License.
  • Qradio is a program to control the Aztech/Packard Bell radio card.
  • Qtradio.
  • QtRadio Listen to the radio with QtRadio. It works with v4l and also with v4l2.
  • RadioActive is a small radio application for Video4Linux-compatible radio tuner cards. The lowlevel functions were initially based on GRadio, but RadioActive has a traditional, "real-world radio"-like interface.
  • RadioK is a KDE application that gives a graphical interface for the bttv card.
  • rico_RADIO is a small application to listen to the radio.
  • Rivendell aims to be a complete radio broadcast automation solution, with the facilities for the acquisition, management, scheduling and playout of audio content. As a robust, functionally complete digital audio system for broadcast radio applications, Rivendell uses industry standard components like the GNU/Linux Operating System, the AudioScience HPI Driver Architecture and the MySQL Database Engine. Rivendell is being developed under the GNU Public License.
  • Soma is a suite of programs that let you play and schedule audio files from the Web. It supports extra utilities using run-time loadable modules and includes a broadcasting scheduler, a tool to control it via TCP/IP, and an utility to check configuration file syntax.
  • TkRadio is written in C and perl using the Perl/Tk module for the graphic GUI. TkRadio is released under the GNU Public License agreement.
  • TunaPie A directory browser for internet radio and TV streams. At present, it uses the shoutcast server, but compatibility with other services is planned. Tunapie will allow you to search for streams and then launch your audio player (xmms) or NSV viewer (mplayer) of choice.
  • Unattended Broadcasting System is a series of programs designed to run the operations of a radio station completely unattended. This includes playing a good selection of music, playing public service announcements and station ID's, and other tasks normally done by a human DJ.
  • What's On Air is a suite of programs aimed at handling radio station metadata. Such metadata is the currently playing track as well as the last playing tracks and some general informations about the radio stations.
  • Ximba Radio is an application for listening to XM Satellite RadioR. It is a GTK+ based front end to the OpenXM daemon. The daemon manages a USB connected XMPCR receiver, which in turn pumps the audio signal into your audio cards input port. The daemon runs in the background and the UI connects to it to manage stations, favorites, and audio.
  • xmradio is a radio tuner program for X (using the Motif widget set), using NetBSD's and FreeBSD's bktr driver. It also supports Video4Linux.
  • XMMS-FMRadio It's a plug-in for xmms, so you will need xmms in order to run it.
  • xradio
  • Xtuner is a X Windows front end for the RadioREVEAL and AIMS Labs RadioTrack FM radio cards.

  • Прием TV-программ, работа TV-тюнером
    Консольные программы Программы для графического режима Что почитать?
    Телепрограмма Home Portal
  • aatv aatv is a simple program to watch TV on a text console under Linux.
  • fbtv
  • fmio Консольная утилита для настройки и работы с FM-тюнерами. Лицензия: BSD.
  • Mplayer
  • avtv is a SVGAlib and X Window program that supports video capture and displaying on your screen.
  • Democracy Player is a cross-platform Bittorrent-enabled RSS aggregator with built-in video playback that seeks to make watching Internet video from a wide range of sources as easy as watching TV. It is part of the Democracy Internet TV platform, which includes the torrent-enabled RSS publishing application Broadcast Machine and the video bookmarking site Videobomb.com.
  • ETV is a Personal Video Recorder (PVR). It can record TV programs which you request (or automatically according to your rules), and it can time-shift (viewing something while it is being recorded). In contrast to most PVRs to be found on the web, ETV is first of all designed to accomodate European TV habits.
  • Ffmpeg
  • fftv Ffmpeg with TV user interface, support (mpeg,mpeg2,mpeg4 recording) . FM radio tuner support (wav,mp3, ogg). Start/pause/stop recording, scheduled power-on/off recording/reminding. TV preview index page. LIRC (Linux Infrared Remote Control).
  • fzap is a channel zapping program for dvbs-cards that supports nvod/linkage zap and audio zap.
  • Gecko Multimedia System is a complete media solution, able to play almost all media types and supports scheduled tv-recording from online tv-guides. It is intended to replace your VCR, DVD, MP3- and CD-player into one single software-unit.
  • GLTV is a tv viewing application written using OpenGL and SDL. It is designed to have an easy method of adding good looking on screen display (OSD) elements.
  • GnomeTV is a television and teletext viewer application for the GNOME environment. It can be used with video digitizer, tuner cards which provides /dev/video like device for television and /dev/vbi device for the teletext part. Gnometv supports PAL, SECAM, NTSC television standards (depending on your tv-card), and WST (World Standard Teletext) teletext standard (depending only on gnometv if you have /dev/vbi).
  • IvyTV Обеспечивает поддержку Linux карт видеозахвата серий Hauppauge PVR 250/350 и других, основанных на MPEG-кодеках iCompression iTVC15/Conexant CX23415 и CX23416.
  • kdetv Наследник проекта KWinTV. Служит для просмотра TV при помощи xv или video4linux-совместимых видеокарт. Может управляться с пульта дистанционного управления посредством KDELIRC. Лицензия: GPL.
  • kdetv kdetv is a KDE application that allows you to watch television on your GNU/Linux box running KDE. You probably know it as QtVision, the completely rewritten version of KWinTV. As the application gains stability and features on a daily basis now it has been named kdetv and can be found in the extragear software collection of KDE.
  • kWinTV is a TV application for the K Desktop Environment (KDE) based on the Video4Linux interface. kWinTV allows you to watch TV in a window on your PC screen using a TV card which is supported by a Video4Linux - based driver. Since kWinTV is (almost fully) integrated into the KDE it gives you some additional comfort and features like an easy to use User Interface, easy configuration and others.
  • Linux Multimedia Box is a GUI application for building multimedia Linux based devices, similar to a PVR or set top box. XML is used for describing the user interface, and events and callbacks are in embedded Tcl. It is a fork of Eboxy.
  • Linux Multimedia System (LMMS) is a project trying to create a gui for TV that can be used with a gamepad/joystick. In future there shall be various applications for playing audiofiles (Ogg-Vorbis, MP3, WMA, CD etc) and videofiles (DivX, MPEG, DVD, TV etc). Games and other stuff (recording TV etc) are planed too.
  • LinVDR is a small, lightweight, ready-to-run and easy-to-install distribution of VDR which can turn almost any PC with a DVB-s (digital satellite) card into a digital hard disk recorder.
  • Mplayer
  • mplayerTV Графический интерфейс для MPlayer, позволяющий с лёгкостью управляться с различными телевизионными программами. Лицензия: GPL.
  • mplayerTV mplayerTV is a frontend to mplayer. You can watch TV with this program under Linux (v4l, v4l2) and probably under *BSD (bsdbt848).
  • MythTV is a GPL licensed suite of programs that allow you to build the mythical home media convergence box on your own using Open Source software and operating systems. MythTV has a number of capabilities. The television portion allows you to do the following: You may pause, fast-forward and rewind live television. You may install multiple video capture cards to record more than one program at a time. You can have multiple servers, each with multiple capture cards in them. All servers are centrally managed and all programs are scheduled by the Master backend.
  • opTV A video4linux tvprogram for X11/SDL with commandline interface. OpTV features automatic channel searching and saving of channels.
  • Pinnacle PCTV Deluxe/Bungee Console is a small GUI (Graphical User Interface) to make it easier the use of PCTV Deluxe Tools by Rainer Keuchel.
  • QtVision Приложение для просмотра TV. Интерфейс KDE. Лицензия: GPL.
  • shalvideo is a TV record sheduling program, the goal is that you can just use your computer just like a video recorder.
  • TV in a box Апплет в виде небольшого телевизора для дока/панели в Linux. Обладает всеми основными функциями просмотра телевизионных программ. Основан на GTK. Лицензия: GPL.
  • tvtime Приложение под GNOME для просмотра TV. Лицензия: GPL.
  • tvtime tvtime is a high quality television application for use with video capture cards on Linux systems. tvtime processes the input from a capture card and displays it on a computer monitor or projector.
  • WebVCR Программа для записи телевизионных программ, воспроизводимых TV-тюнером через Video4Linux, посредством web-браузера.
  • wmtv is a miniature size dockable TV application. It currently supports channel presets, PAL/SECAM/NTSC, fine tuning, scanning of TV stations, use of external TV applications, and more.
  • Xawdecode Программа для просмотра телевизионных программ. Работает с AleVT для отображения телетекста, с Nxtvepg -- для NextView, а также использует video4linux API. Умеет записывать видеоданные в форматы ffmpeg, xvid и DivX 5.05. Лицензия: GPL.
  • xawdecode xawdecode is an xawtv fork (based on version 2.25). It allows you to watch TV with the ability to use plugin extensions. Xawdecode interacts with other softwares like AleVT (Teletext) and Nxtvepg (NextView).
  • xawtv Утилита для просмотра TV программ. Для работы требуется драйвер video4linux. Поддержка драйвера bktr (FreeBSD/OpenBSD). Авто поиск каналов. Возможно управление TV через джойстик.
    xawtv started as TV application for the bttv driver, because the Motif-based "xtvscreen" was the only TV application at this time. Alot has changed since: The xawtv and bttv driver switched over to the video4linux interface. Support for more interfaces was added: Xvideo Extention, the new video4linux2 interface and BSD Family video grabber driver (bktr). xawtv isn't a single application any more, it is a small suite of video4linux related software, with video recording capabilities and serveral useful command line tools.
  • XdTV is software that allows you to watch TV. It interacts with AleVT for Teletext and Nxtvepg for NextView. It uses the video4linux API. It can use deinterlacing filters and record video files with the ffmpeg, xvid, and divx codecs.
  • XLV eXtended Linux Video is intended to be the middle-ware implementation of multimedia streams for Linux. It has an OS independent core, completely multi-threaded to share the complexity of streams into multiple processes, n audio-video highly synchronised core, with a bunch of plugins.
  • Zapping Программа для просмотра телевизионных программ в GNOME. Поддерживает Video4Linux, Video4Linux2 и XVideo. Расширяема с помощью плагинов. With Teletext viewer, caption and subtitles, screenshot, recording and more. Лицензия: GPL.
  • А.Стахнов, Смотрим телепередачи под Linux
  • http://www.linuxlinks.com/Software/Multimedia/
  • Домашний кинотеатр на Linux Что почитать?
  • Elisa s a project to create an open source cross platform media center solution. (GPL)
  • EMC - Enhanced-Media-Center ist ein modulares Entertaiment-System, zum visualisieren und abspielen von Multimedia-Daten (Audio, Video, Text, TV, ...) .(GPL)
  • Freevo Пакет для превращения домашнего компьютера в кино-видео-театр.
  • Gecko Multimedia System is a complete media solution, able to play almost all media types and supports scheduled tv-recording from online tv-guides. It is intended to replace your VCR, DVD, MP3- and CD-player into one single software-unit. It is mainly for use in Linux-systems (GPL)
  • KnoppMyth is attempt at making the Linux and MythTV installation as trivial as possible. (GPL)
  • My Media System (mms) is an application that manages, displays and plays media content such as videos, music, pictures, and more. MMS runs perfectly on anything from a Set-Top-Box connected to your TV-Set, to your specially tailored multimedia PC and HD display.
  • MythDora (GPL)
  • mythTV is a collection of software which runs under the Linux operating system, and provides the functions commonly known as a PVR or DVR (personal, or digital, video recorder) - essentially, it's a computerized VCR, but since it's open source software, if you don't like the way it does something, you can always change it - that's how much of its current functionality came about in the first place.
  • SageTV Media Center ($) for Linux turns your PC into a reliable PVR, Online Video Music and Photos media center.
  • Хобби и увлечения

    Программы для чтения электронных книг Что почитать?
  • FBReader. Программа для чтения электронных книг под Linux/Windows XP/FreeBSD.
  • EText Reader is a simple cross-platform GUI EText reader utilizing the wxWindows GUI library.
  • ZBEDic is an electronic dictionary reader for Sharp Zaurus and desktop Linux.
  • ?
    Консольные программы Программы для графического режима Что почитать?

    Юмор, приколы

    Консольные программы Программы для графического режима Что почитать?
    Шутки Slapper Интернет червь "Slapper" заражает Linux компьютеры с запущенным популярным web-сервером "Apache".
    Недокументированные возможности, заложенные в программах В программах с открытыми исходниками такого почти не бывает, но есть примеры:
    apt-get moo

    aptitude -v moo
    aptitude -vv moo
    aptitude -vvv moo
    и так далее :)
    Программы для q Что почитать?
    Консольные программы Программы для графического режима Что почитать?