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Переведенные статьи, которые в оригинале были опубликованы в 2007-2008 годах

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Alessandro Franci, "Booting Linux in Less Than 40 Seconds", 2008 А.Синицын
Dave Phillips, "The November Cornucopia: One Month In Linux Audio", I'll present a selection of the Linux sound and music applications and utilities announced in the month of November in the year 2008. М.Белозеров
Milos Jakubicek, "ATOL: Comparison of binary package formats", 28.03.2008 М.Белозеров
Mohan Lal Jangir, "Writing Network Device Drivers for Linux", November 2008 Н.Ромоданов
Gary Richmond, "Firefly extension turns Firefox into a file browser", March 31, 2008 Г.Богачёв
Carla Schroder, "Linux Wi-Fi Works With wicd", July 7, 2008 Н.Ромоданов
Carla Schroder, "Better Wi-Fi on the Linux Horizon", April 17, 2007 Н.Ромоданов
Eric Geier, "Linux Wi-Fi Manager Roundup", October 21, 2008 Н.Ромоданов
Chris Mowers, "How To Install VMware Server On OpenSUSE 10.3", Tue, 2008-03-25 Н.Ромоданов
Donald W. McArthur, "Secure your Wi-Fi traffic using FOSS utilities", September 12, 2006 Н.Ромоданов
Carlo Wood, "HOWTO recover deleted files on an ext3 file system", Mar 2008. А.Коваленко
Rene Pfeiffer, "Searching for Text (Part II)", В.Царьков
nixCraft, "Get Information About Your BIOS / Server Hardware From a Shell Without Opening Chassis (BIOS Decoder)", January 24, 2008 А.Коваленко
Matt Hartley, "Safe Surfing With Ubuntu", December 18, 2008 А.Коваленко
Razvan T. Coloja, "Three alternative Linux instant messaging applications", February 26, 2008 А.Коваленко
Carla Schroder, "Better Linux Sound Managment With ALSA, Part 2", March 6, 2008 А.Коваленко
Colin McGregor, "Making KDE look good", 2008-03-12 Д.Луцек
Mick Bauer, "Paranoid Penguin - Samba Security, Part II", December 1st, 2008 А.Тарасов
Mick Bauer, "Paranoid Penguin - Samba Security, Part I", November 1st, 2008 А.Тарасов
Federico Kereki, "Gmail notifiers let you know "you've got mail", November 26, 2008 Г.Лазов
Daniel Bartholomew, "Synchronizing Your Life", November 3rd, 2008 А.Тарасов
Carla Schroder, "Webcams in Linux", February 21, 2008 А.Синицын
Daniel Bartholomew, "An Overview of Twitter Clients for Linux", August 28th, 2008 А.Тарасов
Matt Waldo, "An Easy Tutorial on IP Tables and Port Knocking", February 4, 2008 С.Супрунов
Carla Schroder, "Creating a Contacts Database in OpenOffice", March 20, 2008 Г.Лазов
Carla Schroder, "OpenOffice.org Mail Merge and Labels", March 12, 2008 Г.Лазов
Joey Prestia, "The Red Hat Linux Boot Process", November 2008 С.Супрунов
Gary Richmond, "YouTube and GNU/Linux: download and convert videos the easy way", 2008-12-10 А.Фарутин
Falko Timme, "How To Set Up A Local Yum Repository On Fedora 8", January 03, 2008 А.Фарутин
Federico Kereki, "Manage MySQL remotely with phpMyAdmin", March 25, 2008 С.Супрунов
Peter Seebach, "Patterns and string processing in shell scripts", December 26, 2008 С.Супрунов
Jeramiah Bowling, "Zenoss and the Art of Network Monitoring", August 1st, 2008 А.Тарасов
Keyto, "The Linux Saga: boot loader, initrd & Sys V", 22 July 2008 А.Фарутин
Razvan T. Coloja, "Mobile phone management under Linux", December 18, 2007. Александр Фарутин
Pjotr Prins, Jeeva Suresh, Eelco Dolstra, "Nix fixes dependency hell on all Linux distributions", Ю.Овчаренко
Mike Diehl, "Managing your Life with eGroupWare", May 27th, 2008 А.Тарасов
Mike Diehl, "Generating Native Excel Files in Perl", August 11th, 2008 А.Тарасов
Daniel Bartholomew, "Online Storage with Wuala", May 22nd, 2008 А.Тарасов
Federico Kereki, "Updating your system the Smart way", November 08, 2007 М.Антипенко
Rene Pfeiffer, "Searching for Text (Part I)", А.Орлов
Mike Diehl, "How to be a good (and lazy) System Administrator", 2008-06-02 А.Тарасов
Mike Diehl, "Examining the Compilation Process. Part 1.", October 6, 2008 А.Тарасов
Terry Hancock, "Free software tools for designing productive community sites", October 7, 2008 А.Тарасов
Shashank Sharma, "Manipulating CD/DVD images with AcetoneISO2", October 28, 2008 Н.Глущенко
Oliver Diedrich, "Tuning the Linux file system Ext3", 27 October 2008 А.Дмитриев
Matt Hartley, "Nemo Review: A New File Manager for Linux", 04-23-2008 М.Антипенко
Ben Martin, "Teach an old shell new tricks with BashDiff", October 27, 2008 А.Тарасов
Amit Kumar Saha, "Hands-on Hadoop for cluster computing", October 22, 2008 А.Тарасов
Federico Kereki, "Security scans with OpenVAS", October 09, 2008 А.Тарасов
Cory Buford, "Monitor your network with GroundWork Monitor Community Edition", October 08, 2008 А.Тарасов
Dmitri Popov, "Minisys Linux: Puppy on steroids", October 21, 2008 Н.Глущенко
Cory Buford, "Protect your network with pfSense firewall/router", October 03, 2008 А.Тарасов
Leslie Polzer, "GIMP 2.6 changes are mostly internal", October 21, 2008 Н.Глущенко
Nathan Willis, "First look: Mozilla's mobile Fennec browser", October 22, 2008 Н.Глущенко
Ben Martin, "Clean up your filesystems with fslint", October 06, 2008 А.Тарасов
Ben Martin, "Adding search to your Web site with Xapian and Omega", October 03, 2008 А.Тарасов
Drew Ames, "Sbopkg provides seamless package repository integration for Slackware", October 01, 2008 А.Тарасов
Ben Martin, "Keep an eye on your system logs with phpLogCon", September 03, 2008 А.Тарасов
Serdar Yegulalp, "How To Roll Your Own Linux Distro", January 23, 2008 А.Дмитриев
Cory Buford, "Controlling Internet access with SafeSquid", September 05, 2008 А.Тарасов
Nathan Willis, "Sharing files with wdfs and FUSE", September 03, 2008 А.Тарасов
Ben Martin, "Taming your daemons with PSMon", September 02, 2008 А.Тарасов
Cory Buford, "Automatic backup for sporadically connected clients with Box Backup", August 29, 2008 А.Тарасов
Kristin Shoemaker, "Open the door to team productivity with kablink", August 22, 2008 А.Тарасов
Mihai Mircea, "Last.fm Player Review. Internet radio a click away!", 28th of August 2008 А.Тарасов
Cory Buford, "Finnix: Compact Linux distribution for system administrators", September 02, 2008 А.Тарасов
Shashank Sharma, "Track your investments with Grism", August 29, 2008 А.Тарасов
Kristin Shoemaker, "Open the door to team productivity with kablink", August 22, 2008 А.Тарасов
Kurt Edelbrock, "For those "oops" moments: ext3undel", July 10, 2008 А.Тарасов
Leslie P. Polzer, "High Noon with Smokin' Guns", August 05, 2008 А.Тарасов
Ryan Cartwright, "Smail - the lighter mail server", 2008-07-21 А.Тарасов
Sergio Gonzalez Duran, "CLI Magic: For geek cred, try these one-liners ", July 23, 2008 А.Тарасов
Federico Kereki, "Linux tools to convert file formats", July 22, 2008 А.Тарасов
Cory Buford, "Network Security Toolkit distribution aids network security administrators", July 23, 2008 А.Тарасов
Steven Goodwin, "Home automation in GNU/Linux", 2008-07-03 А.Тарасов
Ben Martin, "Mail server benchmarking with Postal", July 17, 2008 А.Тарасов
Carla Schroder, "Photo Editing For Real People With Fotox", May 29, 2008 Н.Глущенко
Ben Martin, "Improve system performance by moving your log files to RAM", July 16, 2008 А.Тарасов
Scott Nesbitt, "Prism: bringing web applications to the desktop", 2008-07-08 А.Тарасов
Ben Martin, "Avoid latency while editing remote files using bcvi", July 11, 2008 А.Тарасов
Mitch Meyran, "Mobile devices in GNU/Linux and GNOME", 2008-06-12 А.Тарасов
Maurice Cepeda, "Composer, a potential HTML based word processor", 2008-06-03 А.Тарасов
Dennis L. Ericson, "Puppy Linux 4.00 is barking up the right tree", June 10, 2008 А.Тарасов
Michael Reed, "DOSBox, a multiplatform PC emulator", 2008-06-05 А.Тарасов
Mark Alexander Bain, "Essential Thunderbird add-ons", June 02, 2008 А.Тарасов
Chad Files, "Manage Ogg audio streams with OGMtools", June 03, 2008 А.Тарасов
Marius Nestor, "How to Install OpenOffice.org 3.0 on Ubuntu 8.10", 25th of October 2008, Н.Глущенко
Marius Nestor, "Alternative Installation Methods for Hardy - How to install Ubuntu Hardy over network, from a USB stick or from a hard disk!", Н.Глущенко
Marius Nestor, "Encrypted Ubuntu 8.04 - Step-by-step installation tutorial with screenshots!" Н.Глущенко
Razvan T. Coloja, "YouTube tools for the Linux desktop", May 01, 2008 А.Тарасов
Chad Files, "Wiping your disk drive clean", May 30, 2008 А.Тарасов
Ryan Cartwright, "Things you miss with GNU/Linux", 2008-05-01 Н.Глущенко
Federico Kereki, "Getting started with Linux virtualization", May 01, 2008 А.Тарасов
"Geany description", А.Тарасов
Gary Sims, "Comparing Linux USB flash disk distros", May 22, 2008 Н.Глущенко
Marius Nestor, "Optimize Ubuntu 8.04 for Speed", Н.Глущенко
Federico Kereki, "Browsing the Web the old-fashioned way", April 24, 2008 А.Тарасов
Lisa Hoover, "What Edubuntu can teach your kids", April 25, 2008 Н.Глущенко
UbuntuLinuxHelp, "Top 100 of the Best (Useful) OpenSource Applications", February 28, 2008 А.Тарасов
Rami Taibah, "Pimp your Amarok: 13 Scripts You Should Know About", Н.Глущенко
Razvan T. Coloja, "Building a highly functional desktop with lightweight software", March 14, 2008 А.Тарасов
Terry Hancock, " Making the impossible happen: the rules of free culture", А.Тарасов
Drew Ames, "Three Linux HTML editors reviewed", April 22, 2008 Н.Глущенко
Daniel Voicu, "Scribus Review", 8th February 2008 Н.Глущенко
Kurt Edelbrock, "Broadcast your music with Icecast", April 17, 2008 А.Тарасов
Carla Schroder, "Power Management on Linux, Part 2", April 17, 2008 Н.Глущенко
Rami Taibah, "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Linux Users", 16.04.2008 Н.Глущенко
Kenneth Hess, "A New Spin on the Xfce Window Manager", April 13, 2008 Н.Глущенко
Carla Schroder, "Power Management on Linux", Н.Глущенко
Mayank Sharma, "Новый AbiWord - отличный редактор, страдающий от старой проблемы Linux" Н.Глущенко
Lisa Hoover, "Customize your Firefox browser with Personas", April 14, 2008 Н.Глущенко
Rui Lopes, "Open source video editing: what we have now and what we need", April 10, 2008 Н.Глущенко
Marius Nestor, "First Look: The GIMP 2.5.0", Н.Глущенко
Andrew Min, "Getting help: the powerful man(ual)", 2008-04-07 А.Тарасов
Mitch Meyran, "How to love Free Software in 3 steps: configure, make, make install", 8.03.2008 А.Дмитриев
Stefan Hansen, "Texmaker tames LaTeX", March 27, 2008 А.Тарасов
Ben Morgan, "Быстрые и гибкие расчёты в консоли" Знакомство с консольным калькулятором Calc. Н.Глущенко
Daniel Voicu, "NoteCase Review", А.Тарасов
Ryan Cartwright, "Beyond Synaptic - using apt for better package management", 2008-04-03 А.Тарасов
Peter Enseleit, "Using your Linux box for volunteer computing", March 31, 2008 А.Тарасов
Terry Hancock, "Getting the login right: moving from xdm to gdm or kdm", 13.03.2008  
Andrew Min, "Twinkle: My favorite SIP program", 2008-03-11 А.Тарасов
Terry Hancock, "TorrentFlux: A BitTorrent client on a server", 2008-03-13 А.Тарасов
Mayank Sharma, "Play Windows games on Linux with PlayOnLinux", March 13, 2008 А.Тарасов
Razvan T. Coloja, "Extend Amarok with useful scripts", March 13, 2008 А.Тарасов
Federico Kereki, "Archive files in both Windows and Linux using PeaZip", March 05, 2008 А.Тарасов
Nathan Willis, "Latest Firefox 3 beta offers exciting features",March 12, 2008 А.Тарасов
Daniel Voicu, "LimeWire Review", А.Тарасов
Kumar Appaiah, "A dummies introduction to GNU Screen" А.Дмитриев
Razvan T. Coloja, "Media collection managers for Linux", February 22, 2008 А.Тарасов 
Razvan T. Coloja, "Five fun ways to use a Linux webcam", February 12, 2008 А.Тарасов
Marius Nestor, *Unite Windows* and *Linux* With a Single Mouse Click!", Д.Луцек
Nathan Willis, "Spicebird: Thunderbird, Lightning, and a dash of collaborative flavor", А.Тарасов
David A. Harding, "Running GNU Mailman at home", 2008-02-28 А.Тарасов
Federico Kereki, "sudo, or not sudo: that is the question", February 07, 2008 А.Дмитриев
Bruce Byfield, "Firefox feed extensions", February 25, 2008. А.Тарасов
Federico Kereki, "Discover the possibilities of the /proc directory", February 15, 2008 А.Дмитриев
Marius Nestor, "EyeOS - операционная система на веб-сервере", 24 November 2007 А.Тарасов
Daniel Voicu, "XMind 2008 Pro Review",7th December 2007. Программа для рисования "диаграмм идей". А.Тарасов
Mark Scheck, "Elive distro illustrates power, beauty of Enlightenment", February 05, 2008 А.Тарасов
Falko Timme, "How To Set Up Software RAID1 On A Running System", А.Синицын
Federico Kereki, "SWAT your Samba problems", January 31, 2008 Д.Ананьев
Oliver Meyer, "Manage Your Mobile Phone With Wammu Via Bluetooth On Fedora 8", 15.11.2007 А.Синицын
Matt Hartley, "Fedora 8: An Assault On Ubuntu", 30 декабря 2007 Д.Луцек 
Federico Kereki, "VirtueMart: A virtual ecommerce solution", January 09, 2008 А.Тарасов
Sergio Gonzalez Duran, "Seamlessly integrate XP into Linux with SeamlessRDP", January 31, 2008 Д.Луцек
Gary Richmond, "Google extensions in Firefox", 30 января 2008 А.Тарасов
Razvan T. Coloja, "Securing Joomla! installations", January 03, 2008 А.Тарасов 
Razvan T. Coloja, "Spice up Joomla! with productivity-enhancing extensions", December 24, 2007 А.Тарасов
Sean Michael Kerner, "The Linux Desktop Paradox", January 12, 2008 А.Дмитриев
Crispin Cowan, "AppArmor's Security Goals", November 8, 2007 А.Дмитриев
Sean Michael Kerner, "KDE 4: A New Dawn for the Linux Desktop?", January 11, 2008 А.Дмитриев
Susan Linton, "Osmo: A daily organizer", January 09, 2008 А.Дмитриев
Drew Ames, "Scribus: Professional page layout for Linux", January 02, 2008 А.Дмитриев
Mayank Sharma, "Learn OOP while creating 3-D animations with Alice", December 25, 2007 А.Тарасов
Sheena MG, "Tips for successful Kernel Recompilation in Linux", January 01, 2008 А.Дмитриев
Federico Kereki, "Simple, fast administration with Webmin", December 19, 2007 А.Матвеев
Nathan Willis, "OggConvert makes Ogg converts (and converts to Oggs)", December 21, 2007 А.Матвеев
"Top 25 Linux 3D Games", А.Тарасов
Sergio Gonzalez Duran, "Linux traffic analysis, quick and simple", December 06, 2007 А.Тарасов
David A. Harding, "Risk gamers use free software to take over the world", December 05, 2007 А.Тарасов
Drew Ames, "Slackware's "magic package maker", November 30, 2007 А.Тарасов
"Stopping God (Root) from Deleting File", А.Дмитриев
Federico Kereki, "Play Pac-man (and more!) on your PC", November 22, 2007 А.Тарасов
"13 Types of Shell (Some You Never Probably Heard About)", А.Матвеев
Roy Schestowitz, "Interview with Richard Stallman: Four Essential Freedoms", December 19, 2007 А.Дмитриев
Carla Schroder, "Linux Backups For Real People, Part 2", November 8, 2007 А.Дмитриев
Carla Schroder, "Linux Backups For Real People, Part 1", November 1, 2007 А.Дмитриев
Ryan Paul, "Using a Bluetooth phone with Linux", December 10, 2007 А.Матвеев
Bruce Byfield, "The Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment: A return to basics", December 04, 2007 А.Дмитриев
Bruce Byfield , "Adding extended character support", December 06, 2007 А.Матвеев
Bruce Byfield, "Fontmatrix: Font management for the desktop finally arrives", December 05, 2007 В.Костромин
Gary Sims, "All about Linux swap space", December 03, 2007 А.Дмитриев
Federico Kereki, "Six CHM viewers for Linux", November 30, 2007 А.Тарасов 
Nathan Willis, "Hotwire blends the command line with the GUI", November 29, 2007 А.Дмитриев
, "Torvalds on where Linux is headed in 2008", 26 November 2007 А.Дмитриев
Nathan Willis, "NERO game evolves to version 2.0", September 25, 2007 А.Тарасов
Gary Richmond, "Konqueror: doing it all from one interface", А.Дмитриев
Jack Wallen, "SolutionBase: Get familiar with alternative Linux desktops", Nov 15, 2007 А.Тарасов
Chen Nan Yang, "FOSS for cartoonists and illustrators" November 07, 2007 А.Тарасов
"Linux Creating a Partition Size Larger than 2TB", 06.11.2007 А.Дмитриев
Shashank Sharma, "Tidy up your filesystem with FSlint", October 30, 2007 А.Тарасов
Carla Schroder, "Font Management In Linux", 23 Oct 2007 А.Дмитриев 
Nathan Willis, "CellWriter: Open source handwriting recognition for Linux", November 09, 2007 А.Дмитриев
Ulrich Drepper, "What every programmer should know about memory", "Future technologies", 2007 М.Ульянов
Ulrich Drepper, "What every programmer should know about memory", "What programmers can do - multi-threaded optimizations", 2007 М.Ульянов
Ulrich Drepper, "What every programmer should know about memory", "Memory performance tools", 2007 М.Ульянов
Ulrich Drepper, "What every programmer should know about memory", "What programmers can do - cache optimization", С.Капустин
Yoav Ezer, "PDF Editing & Creation: 50+ open source/free alternatives to Adobe Acrobat", December 19, 2007 Д.Луцек
Ulrich Drepper, "What every programmer should know about memory", "Introduction", 2007 С.Капустин
Ulrich Drepper, "What every programmer should know about memory", "Virtual memory", 2007 Станислав Капустин

Переведенные статьи, которые в оригинале были опубликованы в: 2009 г., 2010 г.