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3. Legal stuff

This mini-HOWTO is Copyright (c) 2000 by Jean-Daniel Dodin. All rights reserved. You may do (almost) whatever you want with it. I don't care. Just be sure to keep my name intact. I just hope it becomes useful for any person in the Linux community.

I am not responsible of any damage on any computer as a result of anyone reading this HOWTO. If you do any damage, _it is YOUR fault, NOT MINE !_ Be careful when partitioning disks, and don't make any mistakes, because it can be fatal ! Backup all your important data and check that everything you do is correct ! What is described here worked on my computer, but it may or may not work on your computer. Although it should work for everyone, I can't guarantee anything. This is the last warning you get : _BACKUP IMPORTANT DATA !_ Or, to put it short: Use at your own risk !

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