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Installing sendmail

In this section, we'll take a look at how to install a typical binary distribution of sendmail+IDA, and walk through what needs to be done to make it localized and functional.

The current binary distribution of sendmail+IDA for can be gotten from sunsite.unc.edu in /pub/Linux/system/Mail. Even if you have an earlier version of sendmail I strongly recommend you go to the sendmail5.67b+IDA1.5 version since all required Linux-specific patches are now in the vanilla sources and several significant security holes have been plugged that were in versions prior to about December 1, 1993.

If you are building sendmail from the sources, you should follow the instructions in the READMEs included in the source distribution. The current sendmail+IDA source is available from vixen.cso.uiuc.edu. To build sendmail+IDA on , you also need the -specific configuration files from newspak-2.2.tar.gz, which is available on sunsite.unc.edu in the /pub/Linux/system/Mail directory.

If you have previously installed smail or another mail delivery agent, you'll probably want to remove (or rename) all the files from smail to be safe.

Andrew Anderson
Thu Mar 7 23:22:06 EST 1996