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Telephone Number

If the remote system is to be reached over a telephone line, the phone field specifies the number the modem should dial. It may contain several tokens interpreted by uucico's dialing procedure. An equal sign means to wait for a secondary dial tone, and a dash generates a one-second pause. For instance, some telephone installations will choke when you don't pause between dialing the prefix code and telephone number.

[Don't know the proper English term for this-- you know, something like a company's private internal installation where you have to dial a 0 or 9 to get a line to the outside.]

Any embedded alphabetic string may be used to hide site-dependent information like area codes. Any such string is translated to a dialcode using the dialcode file. Suppose you have the following dialcode file:

With these translations, you can use a phone number such as Bogoham7732 in the sys file, which makes things probably a little more legible.

Andrew Anderson
Thu Mar 7 23:22:06 EST 1996