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Taylor Configuration Files

We now return to the configuration files. Taylor UUCP gets its information from the following files:

Taylor configuration files are generally made up of lines containing keyword-value pairs. A hash sign introduces a comment that intends to the end of the line. To use a hash sign by itself, you may escape it with a backslash.

There are quite a number of options you can tune with these configuration files. We can't go into all parameters here, but will only cover the most important ones. They you should be able to configure a modem-based UUCP link. Additional sections will describe the modifications necessary if you want to use UUCP over TCP/IP or over a direct serial line. A complete reference is given in the Texinfo documents that accompany the Taylor UUCP sources.

When you think you have configured your UUCP system completely, you can check your configuration using the uuchk tool (located in /usr/lib/uucp). uuchk reads your configuration files, and prints out a detailed report of the configuration values used for each system.

Andrew Anderson
Thu Mar 7 23:22:06 EST 1996