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More Information on UUCP

Those who don't find everything they need in this chapter should read the documentation that comes along with the package. This is a set of texinfo files that describe the setup using the Taylor configuration scheme. Texinfo can be converted to DVI and to GNU info files using tex and makeinfo, respectively.

If you want to use BNU or even (shudder!) Version-2 configuration files, there is a very good book, ``Managing UUCP and Usenet'' ([]). I find it very useful. Another good source for information about UUCP on Linux is Vince Skahan's UUCP-HOWTO, which is posted regularly to comp.os.linux.announce.

There's also a newsgroup for the discussion of UUCP, called comp.mail.uucp. If you have questions specific to Taylor UUCP, you may be better off asking them there, rather than on the comp.os.linux groups.

Andrew Anderson
Thu Mar 7 23:22:06 EST 1996