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Our Example Spec File: Subpackages Galore!

Throughout this chapter, we'll be constructing a spec file that will consist of a number of subpackages. Let's start by listing the spec file's requirements:

  • The main package name is to be foo.

  • The version is to be 2.7.

  • There are three subpackages:

    • The server subpackage, to be called foo-server.

    • The client subpackage, to be called foo-client.

    • The baz development library subpackage, to be called bazlib.

  • The bazlib subpackage has a version of 5.6.

  • Each subpackage will have its own summary and description tags.

Every spec file starts with a preamble, and this one is no different. In this case, the preamble will contain the following tags:
Name: foo
Version: 2.7
Release: 1
Source: foo-2.7.tgz
CopyRight: probably not
Summary: The foo app, and the baz library needed to build it
Group: bogus/junque
This is the long description of the foo app, and the baz library needed to
build it...

As we can see, there's nothing different here: this is an ordinary spec file so far. Let's delve into things a bit more and see what we'll need to add to this spec file to create the subpackages we require.