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Install Mode

RPM's installation mode is used to install packages:

Format: rpm --install <packagefile>


Format: rpm -i <packagefile>

Options To Install Mode

The following options can be used on any install command:

  • -h, --hash — Print hash marks as package installs (good with -v).

  • --prefix <dir> — Relocate the package to <dir>, if relocatable.

  • --excludedocs — Do not install documentation.

  • --force — Shorthand for --replacepkgs and --replacefiles.

  • --ignorearch — Do not verify package architecture.

  • --ignoreos — Do not verify package operating system.

  • --includedocs — Install documentation.

  • --nodeps — Do not check package dependencies.

  • --noscripts — Do not execute any installation scripts.

  • --percent — Print percentages as package installs.

  • --replacefiles — Install even if the package replaces installed files.

  • --replacepkgs — Reinstall if the package is already present.

  • --test — Do not install, but tell if it would work or not.