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Build Mode

RPM's build mode is used to build packages:

Format: rpm -b<stage> <options> <specfile>

(Note that -vv is the default for all build mode commands.)

Build Mode Stages

One of the following stages must follow the -b option:

  • p — Prep (unpack sources and apply patches).

  • l — List check (do some cursory checks on %files).

  • c — Compile (prep and compile).

  • i — Install (prep, compile, install).

  • b — Binary package (prep, compile, install, package).

  • a — Binary/source package (prep, compile, install, package).

Options To Build Mode

The following options can be used on any build command:

  • --short-circuit — Skip straight to specified stage (only for c and i).

  • --clean — Remove build tree when done.

  • --sign — Generate PGP signature.

  • --buildroot <s> — Use <s> as the build root.

  • --buildarch <s> — Use <s> as the build architecture.

  • --buildos <s> — Use <s> as the build operating system.

  • --test — Do not execute any stages.

  • --timecheck <s> — Set the time check to <s> seconds (0 disables it).