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7.1. Web Server and HTTP Caching Proxy Administration



  1. Create an Internet user as per normal. The "shell" account should be ``/bin/bash'' (as FTP requires a valid shell).

  2. ``cd /home ; chown root.root theuser'' This makes "theuser"'s directory belong to root, for security reasons.

  3. ``cd /home/theuser ; mkdir www ; chown theuser.theuser'' This creates their "www" directory, and sets ownership so they can read/write to it.

  4. ``echo "exit" > .profile'' This creates a ``.profile'' file with the single line ``exit'' in it. If the user tries to log in via telnet, they will get disconnected immediately.

  5. Do an ``ls -l'' and make sure there are only 2 files in the directory (not including ``..'' and ``.''):

    • .profile (owned by root.root)

    • www (owned by theuser.theuser)

    All other files can be deleted (eg. ``rm .less ; rm .lessrc'')

  6. If the user needs to have e-mail forwarding enabled you could create a .forward file which simply has the proper e-mail as the first and only line in the file.

That's it. The user can use FTP to update the pages.