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4. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 1.2720080606Revised by: MG
Revision 1.2620070919Revised by: MG
Comments from readers, license.
Revision 1.2520070511Revised by: MG
Comments from readers, minor updates, E-mail etiquette, updated info about availability (thanks Oleg).
Revision 1.242006-11-01Revised by: MG
added index terms, prepared for second printed edition, added gpg and proxy info.
Revision 1.232006-07-25Revised by: MG and FK
Updates and corrections, removed app5 again, adapted license to enable inclusion in Debian docs.
Revision 1.222006-04-06Revised by: MG
chap8 revised completely, chap10: clarified examples, added ifconfig and cygwin info, revised network apps.
Revision 1.212006-03-14Revised by: MG
Added exercises in chap11, corrected newline errors, command overview completed for chapter 9, minor corrections in chap10.
Revision 1.202006-01-06Revised by: MG
Split chap7: audio stuff is now in separate chapter, chap11.xml. Small revisions, updates for commands like aptitude, more on USB storage, Internet telephony, corrections from readers.
Revision 1.132004-04-27Revised by: MG
Last read-through before sending everything to Fultus for printout. Added Fultus referrence in New Versions section, updated Conventions and Organization sections. Minor changes in chapters 4, 5, 6 and 8, added rdesktop info in chapter 10, updated glossary, replaced references to fileutils with coreutils, thankyou to Hindi translators.