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Chapter 5. Contributors

I am indebted to all the developers who have worked on Linux USB.

I would like to thank everyone who provided content or corrections to this document. Unfortunately I do not have a definitive list of those people, but those that I can remember are:

  • Georg Acher
  • David Brownell
  • John Cagle

  • Matthew Dharm
  • Randy Dunlap
  • Johannes Erdfelt
  • Deti Fliegl
  • Ron Forrester
  • Lawrence Glaister
  • Pam Huntley
  • Henrik Johansson
  • Karl Heinz Kremer
  • Greg Kroah-Hartman
  • David Nelson
  • Arjan Opmeer
  • Vojtech Pavlik
  • Thomas Sailer
  • Eric Sandeen
  • Joey Schim
  • Christophe VG
  • Thomas Vogels

If you helped out, I would like to acknowledge your contribution. Please contact me if your name is not already listed above.