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9.2. Planning Next Steps

The Pocket Linux system is nearly overflowing, so there really is no more room to expand the current root diskette to support any additional commands and features. This leaves us with a few choices of where to go next. We can:

  • Find a way to expand the current system just enough to host a small application. (For more information about hosting applications with Pocket Linux, see Appendix A)

  • Remove multi-user capability and some of the less often used commands from the root disk, replacing them with utilities like tar and gzip that would be useful for a rescue/restore diskset.

  • Use the techniques we have learned to design and build an entire GNU/Linux system and install it on a more spacious hard disk partition. (For more infomation about building a larger system, check out the GNU/Linux System Architect Toolkit at: http://architect.sourceforge.net/.)

Which ever path is chosen, we can move forward confidently, armed with the knowledge we need to be successful in our endeavors.