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FreeBSD is a version of the UNIX operating system that runs on PC hardware. It uses a different set of support for PCMCIA devices, APM, and other mobility related issues.

  1. PicoBSD is a one floppy version of FreeBSD 3.0-current, which in its different variations allows you to have secure dialup access, small diskless router or even a dial-in server. And all this on only one standard 1.44MB floppy. It runs on a minimum 386SX CPU with 8MB of RAM (no HDD required!). You probably may also use it to install BSD on a laptop as described with micro Linuxes above.

  2. PAO: FreeBSD Mobile Computing Package

  3. The CMU Monarch Project offers implementations of Mobile-IPv4 and Mobile-IPv6 for FreeBSD.

  4. XF86Config Archive . A database of XF86Config files used by Linux and FreeBSD users. If you need an XF86Config file for your notebook or laptop, check out this site. (Some documents available in Japanese only.)

  5. AFAIK there is no IrDA® support yet.

  6. Archive of the FreeBSD-Mobile mailing list . Sorry don't know how to subscribe yet.

  7. Laptop Survey / FreeBSD - LTS is a project to collect information of laptop and NOTE-PC environments running FreeBSD. It provides information in English and Japanese. Please support this project.