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15.10. Mobile Printing

There are different techniques to print from mobile computers. You may use mobile printer hardware (see chapter Printers and Scanners above) or print via a stationary printer. To connect to a mobile or stationary printer or printer server you may use many protocols:

  1. InfraRed - IrLPT/IrCOMM: See the InfraRed-HOWTO.

  2. InfraRed - IrOBEX: See the InfraRed-HOWTO.

  3. BlueTooth: See the Bluetooth printing backend for CUPS At the moment this backend only provides native printing for Bluetooth serial port enabled printers, but for the future the support of Basic Printing (BPP) and Hardcopy Cable Replacement (HCRP) is planned.

  4. wireless network - WLAN

  5. network - LAN

  6. rlpr - remote line printer

  7. Server Message Block - SMB, via SAMBA

  8. parallel port

  9. serial port

  10. USB port