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15.7. Security in Different Environments

15.7.1. Introduction

I am not a computer security expert, but I think that security associated with mobile devices requires specific attention. Please read the Security-HOWTO by Kevin Fenzi and Dave Wreski for more information. I just collected some information below. Note, these means are just small steps to additional security, though I recommend that you use them.

Please read also the Linux Administrator's Security Guide (LASG) - FAQ by Kurt Seifried.

15.7.2. Means of Security

  1. Antivirus policy: For Linux there are some anti virus programms available. Check the BIOS for an option to disable writing at the boot sector.

  2. Laptop as a security risk itself: Since a laptop can easily be used to intrude a network, it seems a good policy to ask the system administrator for permission before connecting a laptop to a network.

  3. Secure Protocol: When connecting to a remote server always use a secure protocol (for instance ssh) or tunneling tunnelv , pptp and APOP for POP accounts.