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8.1. From a Linux Box to a non Linux PDA

Xcerdisp is an X Windows equivalent of Microsoft's Remote Display Control powertoy. It listens for connections from the Windows CE cerdisp client on your PocketPC, and lets you see and control your handheld via X. It may be necessary to use the SynCE tools to get your handheld connected to the network.

The purpose of the SynCE project is to provide a means of communication with a Windows CE or Pocket PC device from a computer running Linux, *BSD, or another Unix system.

KDE Pocket PC Contacts Import lets you import your Windows CE (or PocketPC) contacts into KDE's address book.

Some more information about connectivity and synchronisation tools, as well as emulators and other software you may find at TuxMobil - PDA and in the Linux-Infrared-HOWTO .