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7.2. iPAQ

Currently the iPAQ PDAs by COMPAQ/HP are distributed only with a WinCE operating system.

7.2.1. Resources

  1. The manufacturer of the iPAQ PDAs is COMPAQ/HP.

Figure 7-2. Screenshot of the iPAQ PDA.

7.2.2. Braille Terminal

Stephane Doyon wrote to the iPAQ mailing list: "We (Nicolas Pitre and myself) have successfully ported BRLTTY to the iPaq and tested the setup by interfacing with a BrailleLite 18 through the serial port. BRLTTY is a program that allows access to the Linux text-mode console using various brands of Braille displays. The BrailleLite is a small electronic Braille notetaker device which can act as a small refreshable Braille display. It also has keys so I can not only read but also type. So there's just the iPaq and the BrailleLite device (with a horrible cable in between) and that's all I need to fully use the console on the iPaq (in text-mode). A pretty powerful setup, yet very small. At the Ottawa Linux Symposium in July, using a network card in my iPaq and borrowing the internet connection they supplied, I was actually able to logon to the net and go read my E-mail, using ssh, pine and lynx! It should be possible to duplicate this setup with other Braille display models or other PDAs."