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4.1. Resources

  1. Highly recommended is the page by Russell King ARM Linux about PDAs with ARM CPU and with links to other Linux related PDA sites.

  2. For more information on Virtual Network Computing, see VNC .

  3. PDAs and infrared remote control, see Hiromu Okada .

  4. AFAIK you can run Linux on the IBM™ PC110 (a tiny PC handheld that's no longer manufactured). There's a HOWTO on it running around somewhere but I don't have an URL, instead I found a description in LINUX REDUX July 1997 by Alan Cox.

  5. There is also the Handheld Systems(TM) On-line Archives and a search engine about palmtop related topics Palmtop.Net/ .

  6. I have setup a page about Linux with PDAs and Handheld PCs , too.

  7. These newsgroups for PDA application developers are available:

    codewarrior.embedded; codewarrior.games; codewarrior.linux; codewarrior.mac; codewarrior.palm; codewarrior.unix; codewarrior.windows;