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13.8. USB Devices

For more info about this and other Linux-compatible USB devices see the USB Survey and my Mobile USB Linux Hardware Survey .

13.8.1. Ethernet Devices

From kernel source 2.4.4:

  • ADMtek AN986 Pegasus (eval. board)

  • ADMtek ADM8511 Pegasus II (eval. board)

  • Accton 10/100

  • Billington USB-100

  • Corega FEter USB-TX


  • D-Link DSB-650TX, DSB-650TX-PNA, DSB-650, DU-E10, DU-E100

  • Linksys USB100TX, USB10TX

  • LANEED Ethernet LD-USB/TX

  • SMC 202

  • SOHOware NUB Ethernet

Any Pegasus II based board also are supported. If you have devices with vendor IDs other than noted above you should add them in the driver code and send a message to <petkan_AT_dce.bg> for update.

13.8.2. BlueTooth Dongles

There are many dongles around. I have made some experience with the AIRcable for laptops and PDAs (e.g. SHARP's Zaurus models SL-5x00 and C-7x0). This USB dongle kit provides a fast, convenient way of connecting mobile Linux computers to another personal computer or notebook computer or mobile phone without any cabling. The AIRcable uses a BlueTooth connection without the need to set up a complicated BlueTooth configuration. For example: The AIRcable Zaurus-USB can be used for syncing the Zaurus (ZaurusManager, Intellisync), for Qtopia desktop and for network connections through the PC (Linux, Windows and Apple) running pppd. You may find further details and a survey of compatible mobile phones etc. at TuxMobil.

13.8.3. Port Replicators/Docking Stations

I do not have experience with these devices yet. But I expect that it will be difficult, if not impossible, to get them to run with Linux. For other kinds of port replicators and docking stations see the appropriate section in the laptop chapter.