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12.35. WireLess Network - WLAN


For this let us found a city/ And we will name it Mahagonny/ That means: Net City/ She shall be like a Net/ That is set out to catch edible birds./ Everywhere there is toil and labor/ But here there is amusement/ For it is the uninhibited lust of men/ Not to suffer and to be allowed all things/ That is the essence of gold

  Bertolt Brecht, 1929

12.35.1. Related Documentation

  1. Wireless-HOWTO I,

  2. Wireless-HOWTO II and

  3. Wireless-HOWTO III.

12.35.2. Introduction

Many notebooks now come pre-equipped with wireless network support for the 802.11 protocol family. These devices are either based on miniPCI or PCMCIA. You may check that with either lspci or cardctl ident. External WLAN adapters are available as PCMCIA or CF-Cards and as USB devices. Details will follow in a later issue.