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7.1. Maintaining Your Document

Just because your document has now been published does not mean your job is done. Linux documentation needs regular maintenance to make sure it is up to date, and to improve it in response to readers' ideas and suggestions. TLDP is a living, growing body of knowledge, not just a publish-and-forget-it static entity.

Add relevant mailing lists to your document where people can get support. If you have the time, follow these mailing lists yourself to stay up-to-date on the latest information.

Put your email address in the document, and politely request feedback from your readers. Once you are officially published, you will begin to receive notes with suggestions. Some of these emails will be very valuable. Create a folder in your mail program for incoming suggestions--when the time is right review the folder and make updates to your document. If you are following a related mailing list you may also choose to save a copy of important emails from the list to this folder.

NoteWe are not a free support service, but...

Some people who email you will request personal assistance. You should feel free to decline personal assistance if you cannot spare the time. Writing a contribution to the LDP does not commit you to a lifetime of free support for anyone on the net; however, do try to reply to all requests and suggest a mailing list that will (hopefully) be able to provide support to your reader.