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1.1. About this Guide

This document was started on Aug 26, 1999 by Mark F. Komarinski after two day's worth of frustration getting tools to work. If even one LDP author is helped by this, then I did my job.

Version 4 of this document was released in early 2004 by Emma Jane Hogbin. A complete overhaul of the document was done to separate the authoring HOWTOs from the technical HOWTOs. The review took approximately eight months.

The newest version of this document can be found at the LDP homepage http://www.tldp.org. The original DocBook, HTML, and other formats can be found there.

There are many ways to contribute to the Linux movement that do not require the ability to produce software. One such way is to write documentation. The availability of easy-to-understand, technically accurate documentation can make a world of difference to someone who is struggling with Linux software. This Guide is designed to help you research and write a HOWTO which can be submitted to the LDP. The appendices also include sample templates, markup tips and information on how to transform your document from DocBook to another format (such as HTML) for easier proofreading.