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6.1. Before Distributing Your Documentation

Before you distribute your documentation, there are a few more things that you will need to check and possibly add to your document.

Spelling and Grammar Check

You can read more about helper applications in Section 4.3.3. You should also check your document for its overall flow and clarity.

Abstract and Other Meta Data

Add a short paragraph which clearly defines the scope of your document. For more information on how to add this information using DocBook please read Section D.6


Give credit where credit is due. For more information about when to give credit, read Section 6.3.

License and Copyright

The LDP distributes documents, however, the author maintains the copyright on the document. All documents accepted by the LDP must contain a license and copyright notice. You can read more about this in Section 6.2.1. You may also want to add a Disclaimer, but this is optional. More about this in Section 6.2.2.

Validate the Markup

If you are submitting a DocBook or LinuxDoc document, make sure the markup is valid. Read why in Section B.3.1.

Obtain Peer Reviews

You may want to have others review your document before submitting it to the LDP. Ask people for a Peer Review and/or a Technical Accuracy Review. Since not all mailing lists will respond favorably to attachments, you may wish to set up a temporary web site which houses your document. Note: this is absolutely not required.