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E.5. LyX to DocBook

This section is contributed by Chris Karakas.

You can use the LyX-to-X package to write your document conveniently in LyX (a visual editor originally developped as a graphical frontend to LaTeX), then export it to DocBook SGML and submit it to The LDP. This method is presented by Chris Karakas Document processing with LyX and SGML.

In the LyX-to-X project, LyX is used as a comfortable graphical SGML editor. Once the document is exported to SGML from LyX, it undergoes a series of transformations through sed and awk scripts that correct the SGML code, computes the Index, inserts the Bibliography and the Appendix and takes care of the correct invocation of openjade, pdftex, pdfjadetex and all the other necessary programs for the generation of HTML (chunked or not), PDF (with images, bookmarks, thumbnails and hyperlinks), PS, RTF and TXT versions.

All aspects of document processing are handled, including automatic Index generation, display of Mathematics in TeX quality both online and in print formats, as well as the use of bibliographic databases with RefDB. Special care is taken so that the document processing is as transparent to the user as possible - the aim being that the user writes in LyX, then presses a button, and the LyX-to-X script does the rest. Download the documentation and the LyX-to-X package from the Formats section.