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As you may be able to see, parts of this guide are based off various advice columns on GNU/Linux, anything that has being directly quoted from an article can be found in the references, Bibliography, section of this document.

The following is a list of people who have made a significant contribution to this document, in a rough chronological order.

Chris Karakas:

Chris allowed the use of his lyxtox scripts to convert the LyX file of the document to working DocBook SGML output (to learn how to use the lyxtox scripts yourself, see Document processing with LyX and SGML).

  • Chris provided useful suggestions and advice, and added an index listing for many of the commands.

  • Chris is also responsible for the great looking HTML file for this document (the CSS file and HTML customisations are completely his work).

  • Chris has also helped fix up problems in the document (many times), especially with docbook/sgml, and LyX related issues.

  • Chris has also improved the structure of the document by adding labels and fixing minor errors.

William West:

William provided a thorough review of the document as required by the Linux Documentation Project. He is responsible for a variety of improvements to the quality of this document.

His contributions include:

  • Improvements to the readability of this document.

  • Improvements to the structure and consistency of this document.

  • Various grammar improvements throughout the document.

  • Repair of some minor technical errors.

Tabatha Persad/Marshall:

Tabatha, as the Linux Documentation Project Review Coordinator (at the time) also gave a brief review of this document. Her general advice was used to improve the structure, language and grammar of the document.

Rahul Sundaram:

Rahul provided a brief review of this document for the Linux Documentation Project. Advice from his brief review was integrated into this document to improve readability and structure, several references were added as recommended by Rahul.

David Lawyer:

David's criticism of the document (via the TLDP discuss list) were listened to, and attempts to improve the document were made. A number of his criticisms were addressed and improved.

George Harmon:

George provided a second language review. His detailed review of the material allowed me to improve the general grammar of the document and some minor errors.

Machtelt Garrels (tille):

Machtelt provided tips in regard to referencing the correct LDP documents from this guide. As well as general advice on improvements to the guide.

Michael Kerrisk:

Michael pointed out a number of technical errors in the document after his brief review on behalf of the TLDP during posts to the discussion list.