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(1) Tony Steidler-Dennison, Lockergnome Penguin Shell Series, Lockergnome.

Responsible for many of the commands listed in this document. In particular Lockergnome inspired much of the wildcards section: Section 20.4

(2) Brandon Rhodes, Linux Network Commands Page.

Responsible for parts of the network commands section: Chapter 13

(3) Michael Stutz, Linux Cookbook Homepage, No Starch Press.

Many of these commands have come from the Linux Cookbook (version 1.2). I highly recommend this book to any novice or intermediate GNU/Linux user, have a look at it online, and then of course buy it :).

(4) Michael Jordan, Linux Online Classroom, Linux Online.

Some very small sections of this document were taken from the Beginner's course on the Linux Online Website.

(5) man and info pages.

The man and info pages of various tools listed in this document have been used as a resource to assist in the creation of this document. They are a useful resource of up-to-date information on a program and should be consulted when you require information about a particular tool.

(6) Focus On Unix -- Unix.about.com.

Some of the tutorials under the power commands section of the unix.about.com site were used in the construction of this guide. In particular parts of the xargs command: Chapter 8 and parts of the cut command: Section 11.4 were used from their tutorials.

(7) MandrakeSoft Command Line Manual, MandrakeSoft.

The Command Line Manual developed for Mandake Linux 9.0 was used in the creation of this document. A small section (in regard to command-line completion) was used from this document. If you are running mandrake you will most likely find this guide here - /usr/share/doc/mandrake/en/Command-Line.html/cmdline-completion.html#id2873770.

(8) MandrakeSoft Starter Guide, MandrakeSoft.

The MandrakeSoft Starter Guide, a guide developed for Mandake Linux 9.0 was used in the creation of this document. A small section (in regard to how to recover from a system freeze) was used from this document. If you are running a mandrake system you will most likely find the document here - /usr/share/doc/mandrake/en/Starter.html/index.html.

(9) Hrvoje Niksic, Wget Manual page, Free Software Foundation.

A section of the wget manual page was used in this guide, from this page, Wget Manual page. In particular relating to downloading multiple files while using the http protocol.

(10) Grep, Free Software Foundation.

Both wildcards subsections are based off the grep manual and info pages. The Useful Categories of Characters (as defined from the POSIX standard) was taken from the grep info page.

(11) Marc Ewing, Jeff Johnson, and Erik Troan, RPM Manual Page, Red Hat.

A small section of the RPM manual page was used in the creation of the RPM verifying subsection, without any kind of editing.

(12) Markku Rossi, Enscript Manual Page, Free Software Foundation.

The examples for enscript are based off those shown in the enscript manual page.

(13) Paul Vixie, Cron Manual Page, 4th Berkeley Distribution.

The information from the crontab section (below and including the table) was taken (unedited, but with small additions) from the crontab manual pages. Type man 1 crontab and man 5 crontab to access the 2 different manual pages.

(14) IBM Developerworks.

Some parts of the IBM Developerworks tutorials have been used in the creation of this document. IBM Developerworks frequently publishes new tutorials on a variety of subjects, visit the IBM Developerworks Linux site (see link above) for more information on their GNU/Linux tutorials.

(15) Suso Banderas, Num-utils homepage.

The num-utils manual pages were used in the creation of the maths section. In particular all the description of the num-utils tools are based off the manual pages on the num-utils homepage.

(16) Carla Schroder, Archive of the LinuxChix posting.

This particular LinuxChix posting was made through a mailing list discussion about cron under the TechTalk mailing list. The posters homepage is TuxComputing.

(17) Joe Barr, CLI for noobies: import, display, mogrify.

This particular article by Joe Barr was used in the description of the mogrify tool in particular the example on creating thumbnails.

(18) Kyle Rankin, Please, For the Love of All That's Recoverable, Shred Your Hard Drive!.

This particular article by Kyle Rankin was used (only a paragraph) for information on the shred command.