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8.2. Finding information about partitions

There are a number of ways to find out information on your hard disk drives, for information on mounted partitions also try df in Chapter 8


You can look through the information in the relevant area of the proc filesystem, under the directory of either /proc/ide/ or /proc/ide?/hd? where the first question mark is a number and the second is a letter (starting with 'a').

For example:

cd /proc/ide0/hda

Under this directory there will be various information on the hard drive or cdrom connected.


Using fdisk with the -l option will output information on any hard drives connected to the system and information on their partitions (for example, the type of partition).

Information relating to using fdisk to partition hard disks can be found in your distributions documentation, the fdisk manual page or online.

NoteRoot Access Required

This command needs root access to work